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All about the Speedway 5 electric scooter

If you like to have several fires on your vehicle, which gives it more cool air, then this model is an excellent choice. the Speedway 5 is equipped with series of headlights, taillights, side lights and even LED atmosphere lighting. It will definitely illuminate your nocturnal walks.

The electric scooter minimootors Speedway 5

If you are an electric scooter lover, then you will surely love the Electric Scooter Speedway 5 of Minimotors. It has been built accurately and updated with the latest technological trends. This model is part of this unique electric scooter group that are equipped with a front and back suspension. Thus, you can now enjoy a trip without shaking with this electric scooter of minimotors. The Speedway 5 is loaded with features and you will surely leave your car to walk with this beauty. Let's take a look at some of the Speedway 5 features.

Electric scooter Speedway 5 2000W 70km / h Battery 60V23AH

The Speedway 5 electric scooter is very powerful thanks to its 800W double engine. With a maximum speed of 65km / h, it is one of the safest electrical scooters of the market, Korean manufacturing minimootors

Like the dualtron, the S5 uses a dual hub motor to provide a power of 3600W. It uses the best battery of its category, 23.4 Ah, to offer you a mileage of about 60 miles. The speed you can reach on the S5 is about 40 mph depending on the cyclist and the ground.

The Speedway 5 electric scooter is a sweetened version of Dualtron Thunder. The construction is similar (although it is not as solid as that of Thunder), just like the operation. The 70-pound machine is easier (comparatively) to transport and can be locked safely with an optional fingerprint function. One of its main assets is its double pneumatic spring suspension, which makes the driving of the S5 very comfortable.

Characteristics of Speedway 5 Minimotors:

The Speedway 5 electric scooter has been packed with features that can surely turn heads to you, both with its look and features.


The Speedway Electric Scrunchtte is equipped with a powerful 3600 W 2 handbid BLDC engine. This is the first time a Speedway is equipped with such a motor, which can be considered as the most powerful of all. The double engine offers a great power to the e-scooter that can allow you to easily cross a dense traffic and reach your destination in no time. To adapt to the power of the engine, the frame of this scooter has also been reinforced so that it can easily handle the power. With this scooter, you will never miss power.

Suspension of the electric scooter

The SPEEDWAY 5 electric scooter is equipped with the first pneumatic double suspension of the segment. Now you can have the sweetest conduct in all conditions. With the suspension at the front and back, you can easily cross the gritting surfaces and the bumps with ease. Finished the unstable and uncomfortable electric scooter walks.

Wheel system on Speedway 5 Minimotors:

The Speedway 5 electric scooter is equipped with an easy wheel system. It allows you to easily separate the hub wheel without any extra effort. The change of tires thus becomes an easy task. In addition, the tires supplied with the Speedway 5 are Tubeless.

Lights on the deck of the scooter

As regards the lighting, electric scooters Speedway 5 is provided. The front headlight is powerful enough to guide you on the night road. It's the same for the side lights and tail lights. It uses all LED lights and thus provides more brightness in the minimum of energy consumption. It also has an LED logo mood lighting at the base. Now you can easily illuminate your night trips.

LCD console

Electric scooters Speedway 5 is equipped with an EYE LCD that facilitates the acceleration. It has an LCD dashboard that displays speed, time, and the percentage of the battery. It also has an adjustment knob and a mode button let you toggle between different settings. The accelerator is also attached to the LCD EYE. The most interesting is that you can set all your orders according to your needs and choose from the different choices you have defined. It is also provided with a speed regulator.

Frame aluminum strengthen:

Electric scooters Speedway 5 is mounted on a sturdy and super secure framework that can easily contribute to a high engine performance.

Keep in mind that performance may vary depending on the weight of the load, driving conditions, battery status and temperature.

It is important to have a good service Electric scooter repair If an electrical or mechanical problem occurs.