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monoroue gotway mten 3 800w
monoroue gotway mten 3 gris
monoroue gotway mten 3 devant led
monoroue gotway mten 3 800w face
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General presentation of Gotway Mten 3

Difficult not to be surprised by the Gotway Mten 3. This electric wheel displays an unusual size. A reallightweightin the category ofmonoru. But with his wheel10-inchand its weight ofonly 10.5 kg, this wheel is made to betransported everywhere.

You do not want to clutter you from a large format electric wheel? So it's necessary.Easy to carrymildandagileShe is perfect for small trips. You can even slide under your office at work.

800W powerful engine

Speed ​​up to 25km / h

Autonomy of 50km

The technical characteristics of the Gotway Mten 3

You will be amazed by the template of this wheel, butalso by his performance. If it acts as "mini wheel", it still displays fromnice capabilities. The Gotway Mten 3 embarks all the sameAn 800W engineand an512WH batteryImpressiveFor a small model.

You can then rolleasilyat 25 km / h (35 on the private track) and reach aAutonomy of 50 km. What more ? This electric monorua can lead youquicklyDuring your little trips. Do you work in town? So why do not you move in wheel?

Mini template so, butMaxi PerformanceFor this Gotway wheel. And like all the other models of the brand, it has ahigh level of finishand areliability. All the brand's know-how is at the rendezvous.

Gotway Comfort & Security Mten 3

Its small size could suggest a discomfort. CornThis is not the case. You will be perfectlywell-establishedabove. His tire 10 "tubeless assuresadhesionandcontrol of the trajectory. Themaneuverability is amazingand the important sensations.

You will be able todriftwith this wheel that also hasLedin order toSee well, butalsobeing seen. A point to do not neglect in urban areas. You will find all the advantages of a large monorua in this Gotway Mten 3.


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