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Electric Scooter E-OPAI 50 - 2400W - PIE TECHNOLOGY
Electric Scooter E-OPAI 50 - 2400W - PIE TECHNOLOGY
Electric scooter E OPAI 50 2400W Gray
Electric Scooter E OPAI 50 2400W White
Electric Scooter E OPAI Battery Chest
Electric Scooter E OPAI Storage Hook
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Discover the E-OPAI 2400W Electric Scooter 50 cm³

Easy Watts in a few words:

The French brand Easy Watts offers reliable, eco-responsible, ultra mobile vehicles, with innovative design at attractive prices. They wish to make electrical two wheels accessible to all to make our cities more enjoyable.


The power of E-OPAI electric scooter

E-OPAI electric scooter is a 50 cylindercm³. It has a brushless electric motor with a nominal power of2400 watts. This engine is in rear wheel hub of the QS Motor brand. The acceleration is lively and powerful. It is perfect for urban use and for sensations lovers.

This electric scooter at a maximum speed of 45 km / h. He owns 3 modes of conduct which will be able to limit your maximum speed and thus can increase your autonomy. Thanks to his Electric motor of 2400 wattsYou can mount a coast without losing speed.


The battery, autonomy and reloading of the E-OPAI


The E-OPAI has a Removable lithium battery of 72V and of 20Ah.

To know : An electric scooter having a 72V battery is much brighter and much more energet than an electric scooter having a 60V battery. In addition, a 72V battery saves the battery.
The ampere / hour correspond to the "tank" of the battery: the higher they are, the more autonomy you will have.

The battery has the technology BMS (Battery Management System) which protects and optimizes the different cells thereof.
The battery is easily transported thanks to its handle and 8 kilos.



Let's talk about his autonomy; en function Load, temperature, shrinkage, your conduct and obviously your speed, you can travel between 40 and 70 km. 



To recharge your e-Opai, nothing more simple!

  • You can reload the battery leaving it in the scooter, plugging into a charging cable directly on the vehicle on the one hand and a simple domestic outlet on the other.
  • You can also remove the battery from the electric scooter by opening the seat, you remove the protective cover, you disconnect the battery power cable and then pull the battery with the handle.

Battery Fully charged in 6 hours. The charger turns off automatically When the battery is loaded, which is not negligible when we know that most batteries lose in service life when overloading.

To know : The battery life is between 800 and 1500 charging cycles. At the end of 1500 charging cycles, The battery is not to put to the trash! It simply loses autonomy, we consider that a "dead" battery still has 50% of its original value.


E-OPAI equipment

  • The E-OPAI hasnumerous storage: Large storage space under the seat and 2 pocket vacuum at the front.
  • There is a storage hook Located under the handlebars. It is therefore possible to hang a bag, a schoolbag or other.
  • In the front left pocket vacuum is aUSB plugwhich allows to recharge a phone during driving.
  • Anti-theft safety:Lockable handlebar and extractable battery.
  • theNeiman is protected by a cachethat you can unlock with your key.
  • Flat footrest.
  • Road approved for 2, The E-OPAI allows to transport a passenger because it isequipped with ahandrail.
  • This scooter is Guaranteed 2 years parts, labor and battery.


Technical sheet :

Speed 45 km / h
Cylinder 50 cm³
Reverse Yes
Required permit Permit am, bsr or license b
Anti-theft safety Removable battery, lockable handlebar
Type of engine Brushless in rear wheel hub
Battery Lithium 72 Volts 20ah
Kilowatt hours 1.44 kWh
Autonomy (eco-lead) 70 km
Autonomy (full power) 50 km
Loading time (full charge) 8 hours
Removable battery Yes
Weight of the scooter without the battery 71 kgs
Type of suspension before Telescopic
Type of rear suspension 2 combined shock absorbers and swingarm
Front brake Hydraulic
Rear brake Drumming
Crutch Central & lateral

Delivery in 48-72 hours

Offered on France for all our hoverboard, electric skate, electric bicycles, and other gyropods.

2 years warranty

A French sav made by our skilled skilled technicians, electric scooter, electric scooter or gyrror to ensure you reactivity and tracking your repairs.

Quality, our priority

All our components, selected for their reliability, are CE certified, RoHS, FCC. Lithium batteries of our electric scooters and bike are certified.

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