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Discover the EMMA electric scooter 50 cm³

Easy Watts in a few words:

The French brand Easy Watts offers reliable, eco-responsible, ultra mobile vehicles, with innovative design at attractive prices. They wish to make electrical two wheels accessible to all to make our cities more enjoyable.


The power of the Emma

The e-bonsai is an equivalent electric scooter50 cm³Possessing a motor power of1500W. Its speed is45 km / h, on our side Our tests have shown that its advanced speed with two people on and bottom was 43 km / h.

Be careful, however, with a strong capacity of ascent. When the battery is almost empty, the peak speed can also fall.

To drive this electric scooter, you will need theadequate permit(AM, BSR or B license).

The brushless motor in rear wheel has no chain or transmission. Zero maintenance!

Its hub offers you gentle acceleration, but nevertheless very powerful. He isPerfect for urban use of everyday life.


Its autonomy and reloading

Featuring a removable battery of60V 20 Ah offering you between 50 and 70 km of autonomy in eco mode.

Recharge directly on the scooter without taking the battery outThanks to the integrated jack. This can be a real benefit if you have a garage with a socket: you do not need to open the saddle to remove the battery out... a domestic taking 220 V Suffice to connect your charger 6A to the scooter, it will be recharged in just 6h Thanks to a charger of the brand WITHOUT. This charger uses very high quality components allowing A quick recharge and silent. !

So, you can reload your scooter where you seem: at work, at home or at friends.

The small +: The charger cuts off automatically when the battery is loaded. Which means that you can put your lithium battery in charge at night and leave with your scooter the next morning Without worrying about loading and especially the life of your battery.

Speaking of the life of the battery, it is between 800 and 1500 Charge cycles. Attention, after 1500 charging cycles, the battery is not to put in the trash ! It simply loses autonomy, we consider that a "dead" battery still has 50% its original value.

It is guaranteed 2 years parts, workforce and battery. The more than 100 Easy-Watts partners in metropolitan France and Dom-Tom, will allow you to receive your electric scooter and be maintained according to your needs.


The design and characteristics of theEMMA electric scooter 50 cm³

Small, light and manageable, it is recognized via its rounded curves, its lighthouse before and its two small "eyes" (its turn signals) at the front and at the back, the Emma scooter seduces all the conductors to his "cute" style "cute "

The Emma is a little gem that will sneak everywhere, its height outstanding98.5 cmand his pen weight of56 kgNo battery. Yes, Emma is the lightest electric scooter in the Easy Watts range!

Also designed to travel to two, it has a saddle height of75 cmand two pairs of footrests.


Technical sheet


Type of engine : Brushless in rear wheel hub
Net motor power: 1500 watts



Battery Type : Lithium
Battery mark: WITHOUT
Voltage battery: 60 volts
Ampere / Time Battery: 20 ah
Kilowatt hours: 1.2 kWh
Autonomy (eco-lead): 70 km
Autonomy (full power driving): 50 km
Loading time (full charge): 6 hours
Removable : Yes
Battery weight: 10 kg



Dimensions (in millimeters) Height: 985 | Width: 740 (without mirrors)
Height saddle: 74 cm
Weight of the scooter without the battery: 56 kgs
Maximum load: 150 kg
Alu and Steel Front Fork: Telescopic
Type of suspension before: Telescopic
Type of rear suspension: 2 combined shock absorbers and swingarm



Front brake: hydraulic
Brake size: 190 mm



Type type: Road
Tire size: 10-inch



Crutch : Central & lateral
TopCase: Optional

Delivery in 48-72 hours

Offered on France for all our hoverboard, electric skate, electric bicycles, and other gyropods.

2 years warranty

A French sav made by our skilled skilled technicians, electric scooter, electric scooter or gyrror to ensure you reactivity and tracking your repairs.

Quality, our priority

All our components, selected for their reliability, are CE certified, RoHS, FCC. Lithium batteries of our electric scooters and bike are certified.

Boutique sur Lyon

We welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm to advise you and make you try free electric scooter, an electric skate or an electric bike.

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