speedway futecher gun 45km/h nouveauté minimotors
Trottinette électrique Speedway Futecher Gun Pro - 48V/52V (16 Ah/21 Ah)
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Trottinette électrique Speedway Futecher Gun Pro - 48V/52V (16 Ah/21 Ah)



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Discover the electric scooter Dualtron Futécher Gun Pro:


TheElectric scooter Speedway Futchar GunImpressive design and assembly, the quality of this black color model, displays a sober and sleek design. The electric scooter FUTECHER GUN promises to be up to expectations.

Powerful, elegant, stable, equipped with various systems that improve its performance. It has been designed to get you ever further, and always faster.

The famous electric scooter Speedway Futchar Gun Grand Sister of the Electric Scooter Speedway Mini 4 Pro.

TheNEW SPEEDWAY FEECHER GUN PROis one of the most powerful and rapid electric scooters on the market for a rate of less than 1000 €. She begins to approach the performance of a scooter.


The electric scooter Dualtron Futécher Gun Pro: Performance

Like all Speedway models, it is equipped with a motor of 600W Where 800W brushless, which allows this gear to roll up to a speed of 50km / h

Attention, a speed so high requires the port of ahelmet and protections for your safety. Limitations in the city will not help roll as fast.

What would you use to have without autonomy power to enjoy it?

Surely not much. Well, with theSpeedway Futchar Gun, you have a powerful lithium-ion battery48 volts and 15.6 Ah or with battery 52 V 21Ahfully recharging7 hours.

Allowing you to browse up 75 km thanks to a single charge. The Speedway Futchar GunSo is quite suitable for long distances.


The new Futecher Gun 48V and 52V: Comfort and Security

TheNew Electric Scooter Speedway Futchar Gunobviously presents several improvements on multiple points.

    His Front and rear rubber suspensions are improved, they bring softness and comfort to driving.

    It is equipped with a Front and rear braking system with drum. This braking is more efficient, ensuring excellent control and stability for driver safety. And considering the speed that can reach the device, as much as equipped with the best possible braking system.

    It brings significant novelties, even if it remains quite close to the SPEEDWAY SUPER MINI 4 PROwhich is nevertheless a little lighter.

    His8 inch wheelsand his suspensions at the front and back guarantee road comfort.

    Regarding the ergonomics of this model, it weighs19kg and 21kg Futecher Gun Proand can withstand a load rangingup to 120 kgThis makes it a possible good model for trucks.

    Pie Technology also offers a service of Electric scooter repair on Lyon


    The electric scooter Dualtron Futécher Gun Pro: equipment

    His commodo will give you access to 3 modes of conduct:

    • L1 (10 km / h)
    • L2 (15 km / h)
    • L3 (25 km / h) Bridae (Debrider 50km / h)

    The lighthouses LED present at the front and back, they allow to ensure security, just like the Stop fire at the back.



      50 km / h (authorized exclusively on private lanes according to the legislation in force)

    • Shreddown

      25 km / h

    • Autonomy in eco mode

      Futecher Gun 50 km (48V15,6Ah battery) Futchar Gun Pro up to 75km (52V21AH battery)

    • Weight of the product

      19,2kg and 21kg the Futecher Gun Pro


      120 kg

    • Speed ​​modes

      3 modes - L1 (10 km / h), L2 (15 km / h) and L3 (25 km / h) in light (debrider 50km / h)

    • Wheel sizes

      8 inches before & back

    • Wheel type

      Inflatable front & full back

    • Brakes

      Front & rear drum

    • Front & back suspensions

      Front & Rear (rubber)


      Lithium-ion 48V | 15.6 Ah or lithium-ion 52v | 21Ah

    • MOTOR

      600W Brushless or 800W for Futchae Gun Pro


      Front & back in LED

    • Stop


    • COLOR



      2 years engine and 1an the battery


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