Comment diriger la trottinette électrique ?

The different elements of the electric scooter.

Practice for outdoor use, electric scooter is a very appreciated mode of transport of young people. For its varied advantages, it is more and more interested in adults too that find in this jewel a great way to move from one point to another and enjoying great mobility. The electric scooter is an economical gear, respectful of the environment. For beginners, directing an electric scooter may seem difficult. But if you are doing well, you will soon be a professional driving a two-wheeled electric machine.

Several elements make up the electric scooter. You have :

 THE DISPLAY: It's the small dial located at the handlebars. The Display allows you a global view of all information related to your machine (speed, level of autonomy, distance traveled, driving mode, etc.);

 Gallows: This is the metal bar in the vertical position that supports the handlebars. The stem is adjustable for you to benefit from comfort. On some models of electric scooters, it is possible to fold the stem;

 The tray of the machine: This is the horizontal part that supports your feet. In some cases, you will find it in wood or aluminum. To ensure security, it is usually covered with GRIP;

 Accelerator: triggering, it allows to modulate the speed;

 The braking system: The brake can slow down and stop facing an obstacle. The brake can be in the form of trigger located at the handlebar, brake handle or foot brake;

 Battery: This is the most important element of the scooter. It serves to operate the engine;


Well prepare for taking hold of the electric scooter

For beginners with the electric scooter, it is important to follow certain rules to get ready. Indeed, if you drive the craft for the first time, you must put protection equipment. In this way, you do not run any wounds even in case of fall. These are knee pads, helmet and coutières. Similarly, you will have to wear suitable clothes and shoes adapted to the circumstance. You start starting with models inputs like the Electric scooter ETWOW GT SE.

If you are loans at the clothing level, make sure that the device has been recharged the day before. For regular use of the electric scooter, it is advisable to load the electric scooter daily. When the device is not loaded properly, it could discharge fast enough. So, you will find yourself with a gear devoid of its electronic capabilities. In this case, you will be obliged to continue driving manually.

In addition to these prerequisites, it is recommended to choose your first electric scooter taking into account your experience. For a beginner, you have to roll an electric scooter based on your experience and level of mastery.

Good to know: Prefer for better experience, electric scooter models that have a maximum or less low speed. For example, a 10mph or less would be ideal.

Train for driving the electric scooter

Since you do not yet have a mastery of driving an electric scooter, opt for training with the craft in an isolated location before putting you on the streets of the city center. Find a flat slope plot that will allow you to have an easy and fast grip of the machine. For a first experience, it is better to avoid training on the grass because you will have less stability; Which will make the corners and your balance more difficult.

After finding the ground that suits you, position yourself on the machine and put it on it. Delicate, pull on the throttle trigger and go to a pace that allows you to learn properly. For a beginning, put yourself at an average speed of 25km / h. The mastery of this level will allow you to move to a higher speed.

For a gradual mastery of the electric scooter, you absolutely need to learn to keep in balance in the turning points. The most important thing to do is to develop good personal confidence.

During your learning, you must also get used to the braking systems of your electric scooter.

Good to know: Do not be afraid to fall to your first tests. It's a normal thing. With a few hours of learning, you will master the driving of a two-wheeled electric machine.

Go to your rhythm in electric scooter

Whatever you decide to learn, know that it is important at your own pace. Some people have ease quickly understand the functioning of materials and others will take longer to tame their fear and go beyond their limits. If at the first try you miss mastery, take all your time to work your balance.

No matter what type of machine you have in hand, do not abrupt the steps. Go to your own pace, because beyond the pleasure that could provide you with the driving of the electric scooter, it is first question of security and mastery. And when you are going to be able to handle this one you can go on high-end models like the tROTTINETTE DALTON from Minimotors.

What to do in case of scooter fall?

The driving of the electric scooter is exciting. However, its conduct is not exempt from risk. Even if you are quite experienced, you will also be able to confront you with cases of accidents. This risk is greater for beginners who have to take the time to understand the operating mode of the device and succeed in taking their own brand.

In case of accidents, you will need to prohibit you from maintaining the accelerator. It could aggravate the situation and propel you further than you imagine. Let go everything and move away from the craft. The most important in case of accident is your own life. Get safe. Once you're sure you're fine, you'll think about your craft.