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At Pie Technology we repair all brands and models of electric mobility vehicles in Lyon:

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Looking to do Repair electric scooters in Lyon Who suffered damage or a simple interview? Electric scooters are models that for example we need the need for repair. You want to change the gum tires or make a setting of your brakes, simply make a diagnosis of your machine, then you are in the right places are no longer looking for.

All machines containing electrical / electronic components see mechanics must undergo intervention and maintenance.

Where to find a good scooter repairer on Lyon?

You can easily find tutorials from Electric scooter repair electric bikes or monorov repair on YouTube.

But it is more safe to use a professional specialized as pie technology.

On which brand technology intervenes?

We intervene on all brands of green eco-friendly devices:



























* If your brand is not listed, we will make a diagnosis.

On which reparation intervention in Lyon do we intervene?

Repair Scooter Lyon

Pie technology has confirmed technicians capable of repairing any electrical machinery.

We intervene on several types of faults what are related to the wear of your machine or electrical / mechanical failure.

Repairs related to the wear of your machine, such as an over-blocked tire or an inflated tire can cause a puncture and therefore a change of tire.

This can also be a change in brake pads, a change of tire or a change of gum on pneumatic.

You can buy a scooter or air tube tire at our partner Hover Store.

Usually repairs at Pie Technology can be done in the day for small breakdowns because we have a stock ofwear parts In order to guarantee the best for your machine.

If you want to have your electric bike repair your monorbic or scooter just pass even without an appointment. Bring your machine and we take care of it as soon as possible.

We can guarantee a small repair if the machine is bringing in the morning so you can recover it in the afternoon.

For the most important breakdowns a processing and control time will be needed.

What is the price of a repair in Lyon at Pie Technology?

Our company offers a package with workforce or package with rooms + workforce.

Our services :



E-TWOW full tire package


Package Change of wafer


Package Add Rear Brake Etwow


Change of brake disc


Drive drive change


Cable change




LCD change


Xiaomi full tire package


Brake adjustment package




Electrical diagnosis


Change freewheel disk


Change of brake pad


Brake purge


Dual controller installation


Pie technology is one of the first Specialized Electrical Repair Stores in Lyon.

We have a team of professionals either for a puncture, battery, accelerator cable repair, brake change, modification, accessories, our team meets your needs.

Many where you have to buy your CA model can be a decathlon electric scooter or an Xiaomi scooter we take care of it.

You also have more complex models like the all-terrain electric scooter.

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