Pie Technology is a French company founded in 2016 with a clear goal:Revolutionary urban transportation on electric mobility.

As can be noted pedestrian areas and bike paths are in full development. The transport of tomorrow will be ecological using only means of electric transport.

The Pie Technology Collection will change your way you move with practicity, while making optimal safety on your machine.

Short trips less than 10 km are now only at wheel reach. That you use for professional use (gyropode) or personal (hoverboard)Move in a fast and enjoyable way with our hoverboards.

Ecological and electric urban transport and mobility

The advantages of all our mobility devices such as our electrical gyropods and scooters are now numerous. Their weights are lighter while keeping a great autonomy with an ultra fast charging time.

Our team to select the most reliable components in order to have the best quality, in order to offer youHigh quality products with a service..

Our team is available at any time by phone, email, chat, or social networks to advise you in your purchases.

Wide choice in scooter, bike, electric scooters ...

Pie Technology offers you a wide range of model.

You can choose a ELECTRIC scooter all terrain, city, a electric scooter, a gyropod, a electric motorcycle, a electric skate, gyrroroue, electric bike.

You can even find at home with mini electric scooters.

We do not offer small models like the Xiaomi M365 Pro electric scooter. But we offer a lot of accessories like a folding bike helmet.

We offer the best brand electric scooter like Daltron X Speedway Mini 4 Pro, Speedway Mini 5 Pro, Speedway 5, Ninebot ES4, Monster V, Daltron Mini, Dualtron Eagle Pro, Currus NF 10, Dualtron Thunder, Kaabo Mantis GT V2, Velocifero , Dultron Thunder, Carbonrevo, Ninebot Max G30.

Pie technology is one of the great specialist in electric scooter distribution, electric bike, electric scooter, hoverboard, electric skateboard, electric bicycle and accessories. Like anti-theft, helmets, protection against falls ... We offer various electrical motorized travel gear that having been electric scooter hoverboard, offering great mobility fun a complete choice of vehicles to move daily for All trips.

If you like speed, strong sensations, urban gliding and urban mobility, you will find everything you will need on the site www.pietchnology.com :

  • On the range of e-scooter: all-terrain electric scooters, city, light, foldable scooters for adults
  • The range of electric bicycles: all types of electric bicycles, mountain biking, folding bike and electric fatbike
  • And also the equipment of the machine driver: bicycle helmets and motorcycle helmet, protective gloves, reinforced protective jacket, bag and cargo bags.
  • The spare parts of your gear: motors, chargers, batteries, braking kit, air chambers, tires or stool kit for scooter and other still in our website ...
  • You also offer GPS watches, on-board cameras for your devices or personalized biker intercoms.
  • We also guarantee your safety for all EDPM rider: with a choice of anti-theft, lighting, top box, top box and special maintenance products.

The biggest electric scooter marks and electric scooter as well as bicycle accessories at Pie Technology

You will find at Pie Technology a wide choice of eco-mobility material among the biggest brands like Goboard, Garrett Miller, Doohan, Etwow, Sunra, Speedway, Dultron, Granville, Gocycle, Super Soco, Niu, Elwing, Miku .. .

We regularly offer promotions on our sitePietechnology.comAnd you will be able to take advantage of the news previews to complete your equipment and renew your electric mobility material.

PIE TECHNOLOGY also offers electric monories: The Gotway Monoroue Brand

Electric gyroroues are expanding in our cities and represented by several major brands. The Gotway brand entered early 2014 on the market. It is one of the best wheels in the European market.

This brand has become since the reference in sports and efficient gyroroues with relatively interesting autonomy. It offers monorbies of different size ranging from 10 inches to 22 inches.

The range is very complete and specialist in the monorua. The flagship models are the Gotway MCM5, the Gotway Tesla, the Gotway Msuper X, and of course on the Gotway Monster. Users can find small town cowen wheels are wheels that adapt to any type of coating and people (templates). What we find at Gotway, recognized by seasoned users of wheels, it is the quality that we have to slide.

The brand of Monoroue Kingsong

Kingsong brand gyroroues that have 14 to 22-inch sizes are also part of the high-end category of the "Performance" gyrror but with more interesting autonomy and engines than at Gotway. The Kingsong brand with its electric wheels KS14D, KS16B and the famous KS18L very popular for their speeds and autonomies. These gyroroues also offer some options like Bluetooth speakers that will appeal for everyone. Kingsong also has many wheel enthusiasts since 2016. And will continue to satisfy, as it offers quality wheels with the design and performance that are suitable for the greatest number.

The brand of Monoroue Inmotion and the Ninebot Gyroroues

The famous InMotion V3 has allowed all beginners of the Gyroroue to adapt in urban areas with this new technology by cons it does not satisfy users making a steady trip, with these new electric monurua V5, V5 +, V5F , V8 and the V10. With its incredible performances and powers.

The brand has since diversified with new products like the L8 scooters but also on the skates R1 and on the hoverboards, but also the famous 3-wheeled scooter.

Ninebot E + and Ninebot S2 electric gyroroues are distributed since 2015 in the FNACs at Boulanger .. The Ninebot Z10 news has arrived.

The Ninebot manufacturer has diversified its range of products with a gyropode, a mini gyropod (Mini Pro) and an ES2 and ES4 scooter and the new Ninebot Max G30.

So there is for everyone, do not hesitate to contact us Pie Technology Lyon, specialist in the electric scooter, electric monorov, electricized bicycle since 2016, contact us.