Trottinette électrique Dualtron Ultra 2
trottinette électrique dualtron ultra 2
trottinette électrique dualtron ultra 2 72V 35Ah derriere
trottinette électrique dualtron ultra 2 dessus
Load image into Gallery viewer, Trottinette électrique Dualtron Ultra 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, trottinette électrique dualtron ultra 2
Load image into Gallery viewer, trottinette électrique dualtron ultra 2 72V 35Ah derriere
Load image into Gallery viewer, trottinette électrique dualtron ultra 2 dessus


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General presentation of the Dualtron Ultra 2:

Minimotors presents its brand new electric scooter model. One of the Leaders of the electric mobility marketcontinues to impress ourselves.

After unveiling theDualtron Mini and the Dultron new, it's the turn of Dualtron Ultra IIto appear.

This new model directly succeeds theDualtron ultra electric scooter. Recognized as a scooterpowerfulandathletic, the new dualtron II keeps the same qualities. Thus, it offers even more sensations and pleasure of sliding.

Let's discover immediately the many technical characteristics of this little gem.


Technical characteristics of the minimootors dultron ultra 2:

The Dualtron Ultra II is equipped with aDOUBLE MOTORIZATION BLCD. This offers him a maximum power of6640W in Crete. You can reach aMaximum speed25km / h and 100 km / h (on private track).

Add to that aLG battery of 72V35AH. Thanks to the high capacity of this battery, you can browse between120 and 140 kmwithout having to recharge your electric scooter. Rather remarkable for a scooter is not it?

You can also climb slopes up to35°With the new Daltron Ultra II. Hisweightof40 kgis relatively correct for a scooter in this category.


Summary of technical characteristics:

    • Double engine 6640W in Crete
    • 72V35AH battery
    • Weight of 40 kg
    • Autonomy of 120 - 140 km
    • Slope at 35 °


Other features of the Dualtron 2 Ultra:

The dualtron ultra II is only power sign. It is also recognized for its quality ofcomfortand ofsecurity. Thanks to its equipment, you will be able to make the most of this electric scooter.

Let's not start hissuspension beforeandbackmade of rubber. They will allow you to absorb all the small defects of the road and soOptimal ride comfort. Whether you fly on the tarred road or on cobblestones, you will have no problem of comfort.

To this is addedbrakesatdiskFront and rear, as well as an electric abs. What to ensure a remarkable braking quality. You can then enjoy all the power of your scooter, be sure to slow down or stop at any time. Whether for "normal" braking or emergency braking, the Dualtron Ultra II will react quickly.

Histiresany extra large terrain of11 inchesYou will allow you to ride both on the road as in the paths. Their quality also offers you a good absorption of the road for better skiing.

Lighting side, the dualtron ultra II is equipped withLED lightsat the front and back. Onestopis also present at the back.

To also know that the dualtron ultra II isfoldable. This allows you to store or transport it more easily. HercrutchGive you the opportunity to play breaks during your wrinkles or just park it when you're done.


DUALTRON ULTRA 2 technical sheet:

Folded length 1210 mm
Folded height 525 mm
Folded width 318 mm
Unfoldable length 1210 mm
Unfolding height 1219 mm
Unfoldable width 600 mm
Weight 40 kg
Autonomy 120 - 140 km
Max speed. Brided at 25 km / h (100km / h on private land)
Power 6640W in Crete
Suspension Front + back
Lighting Front and back LED
Max charge supported 150 kg
Brakes Disc + electric
Stop Yes
Tire 11 inches
Battery 72v35ah
Complete charge time 11am
Slope 35°


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