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Trottinette électrique SXT 1600w - PIE TECHNOLOGIE
Trottinette électrique SXT 1600w - PIE TECHNOLOGIE
Trottinette électrique SXT 1600w - PIE TECHNOLOGIE
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Trottinette électrique SXT 1600w - PIE TECHNOLOGIE
Load image into Gallery viewer, Trottinette électrique SXT 1600w - PIE TECHNOLOGIE



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Discover the electric scooter SXT 1600W

The SXT 1600W electric scooter features 12-inch rims and front and rear disc brakes for better braking safety, maximum speed is 50 km / h! With this scooter, you will be able to walk in the forest, use it to move in your private residence, in an equestrian center, at your workplace type warehouse ... or for your leisure ...

Recognized as a reliability reference, the SXT 1600 XL scooter will soon be the indispensable vehicle for all your ballads.

Easy to use, economical, reliable, inexpensive energy and maintenance. This little bolide has everything to please.

Simple and pleasant to take charge, the SXT 1600W electric scooter will allow you a nice and fluid driving.

Delivered pre-mounted, you will have to install the front wheel, battery, saddle and handlebars. The assembly of this scooter is made in less than one hour (tools and manual supplied in the package).


In the case of a check scooter Lithium battery:

Please take note ! Our lithium batteries can not be charged using the standard port of the scooter on the side. The reason you can not use this port is related to the fact that the controller does not support the lithium battery charge. The battery must be simply connected directly to the charger that is included in the battery package. This load mode is not more complicated than standard loading, it's just a little different.

Technical characteristics :

Battery Type lead
48 V-12 Ah
Lithium Lifepo4
48 V-20 Ah
lithium li-ion
48 V-30 Ah
WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY 34 kg 34 kg 34 kg
Battery weight 16.8 kg 9.2 kg 9.5 kg
Maximum speed 43 km / h 53 km / h 55 km / h
Load cycles 250 1200 1500
Maximum autonomy Up to 15/20 km = ECO mode Up to 40 km = Eco mode Up to 50 km = Eco mode
These data are non-contractual, these parameters are variable depending on the driving style, the quality of the road, the weight of the driver and the wear of the battery
Engine power   brushless 1600 watt
Max. nominal   2000 Watt
Max charge supported 120 kg
Suspension Front and rear shock absorbers
Lighting Front and back LED
Stop Yes
Transmission chain
Brakes disc, front and rear
Wheelbroken 96 cm
Ground clearance 30 cm
Dimensions (folded) Height 49 cm / length 121 cm / width 29 cm
Adjustable saddle height 76-90 cm (min / max)
Handlebar height 120 cm from the ground
Tires Ø 26 cm / width 10 cm / Ref of the air chamber: 90/65-6.5

Technical specificities:

Frame Rigid, solid, very resistant and designed with a very high quality steel
Conduct Fully foldable (and unfoldable) handlebar without effort
Ergonomic seat, padded and comfortable, easily and quickly
Startup No key-free start, anti-theft protection, 2 positions contactor
(ON / OFF)
Security Front and rear lighting + Stop light
Front and rear disc brakes
Obstacle With a front shock absorber and two rear shock absorbers, the distorted routes are not an obstacle for your scooter t
Speed ECO / TURBO button
Battery Indicator of the battery charge level on the right side of
The accelerator (3 LED: green, yellow and red)
Charger with an electrical connection located on the right side of the scooter
Charging time: 12 hours for the first load and 6 to 8 hours for the following charges
CAUTION: For an optimal life, the battery must be loaded at least once every 2 weeks
Parking Retractable crutch, easily transportable scooter (folded)
Lights LED life up to 10,000 hours

WARNING :Unregistered vehicle on public roads. Use only in private way!. Age recommended from 14 years old.
The wearing of the helmet is strongly recommended.

Electric scooter price SXT 1600W lead battery 48V 12AH at 749 €

The link of the SXT 1000W:Electric scooter SXT 1000W


A quality service at your disposal:

For any product purchased at Pie Technology, you benefit from our quality-quality service for 2 years.

We have anrepair workshopand an understanding to meet any request. You can reach us by email, phone as well as in our shops.

scooter repair
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Delivery in 48-72 hours

Offered on France for all our hoverboard, electric skate, electric bicycles, and other gyropods.

2 years warranty

A French sav made by our skilled skilled technicians, electric scooter, electric scooter or gyrror to ensure you reactivity and tracking your repairs.

Quality, our priority

All our components, selected for their reliability, are CE certified, RoHS, FCC. Lithium batteries of our electric scooters and bike are certified.

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