trottinette électrique vsett 9 + pack
trottinette électrique vsett 9
Trottinette électrique VSETT 9+ pliee
guidon serrage trottinette électrique VSETT 9+
Trottinette électrique VSETT 9+ devant
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Load image into Gallery viewer, trottinette électrique vsett 9
Load image into Gallery viewer, Trottinette électrique VSETT 9+ pliee
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Discover the electric scooter VSETT 9+

VSETT is the new brand entry on the market in 2021 launched by the famous Korean manufacturer, which opens internationally and arrives in France.

Discover a range of electric scooters combining design, autonomy, performance and reliability.

Electric scooter VSETT 9

TheVSEt 9+ electric scooterAvailable in versionsLiteGREATandPROare those who succeed to the already very powerfulVSETT 8,and brings impressive innovations in terms of power, scope and comfort.

VSETT in some numbers:

A factory of 8000 m2 dedicated exclusively to the electric scooter. 250,000 scooters produced per year. An R & D department, quality control and an integrated production line. Partnerships with the largest component providers (example: LG and Samsung for batteries)


The electric scooter VSETT 9+: design

From thepurchase electric scooter vsett 9+You will immediately be comfortable on this scooter, because his grip is a disconcerting ease. On the design side, we stay in the model of the brand models: clean lines and a sober design with a slight touch of turquoise blue.


The electric scooters VSETT 9+: Performance

The VSett 9+ has a power of 1200 W thanks to their double brushless motor (2 * 650W) for not feeling weaknesses in the most steep slopes possible (up to 33%). Reaching a speed of 25 km / h on public roads and 55 km / h on private lanes, adrenaline at the rendezvous !

We offer you a small comparison for you more about the different versions:

Version:  Lite Great  Pro
Battery Ah: 13 ah(52v) 17.5 Ah (52V) 21 Ah (48V)
Autonomy: 50 km 75 km 100 km
Loading time : 6.5 hours 8.5 hours 10.5 hours


The electric scooter VSETT 9+: Comfort

The excellence of its comfort and its pretty sweet driving due to its Double suspensions, as well as his Tires with air chamber ensure a memorable driving experience to ride yourself insatiable.

Brake side on the Vsett 9+ we find at the back of the brakesambour and magnetic for total security and control.

Let's talk about its strength: designed from very resistant aluminum alloy supporting a maximum weight of 130 kg, one could not believe, but it stands among The best scooters of the market.


The electric scooter VSETT 9+: Security

We emphasize here his Double LEDs which ensure your visibility in low brightness places. AlsoBlinkers are Integrated under the DECK, and yes, VSEt designers have had the good idea to integrate flashing that can be activated easily so that you can drive in a safe urban area.

Afraid of being stealing your scooter?

For security, VSETT installed in series on its models a boot by NFC card To avoid flights to snatch. Namely that you also find NFC technology on your smartphone, so it is possible to start your electric scooter through your phone, if your card is lost.


New Scooter VSett 9+: Strengths

Go we make a small conclusion on the highlights of The new electric scooter for adulton sale:

    • Practice: Even if it is not the lightest scooters (25 kg). VSEt 9 is a foldable and easily transportable electric scooter
    • Impressive range: It allows you to browse up to 100 km. (or more depending on the ground and the user) with a complete recharge. What to go through some corners of the city in addition to your usual route
    • Excellent comfort and pretty sweet driving: its double suspensions, as well as its tires with air chamber assure you a memorable driving experience
    • Total safety: front brakes and hydraulic rear brakes. And avoid any damage, while its double LEDs ensure your visibility in low brightness places
    • Efficiency in hill it will not need your kick for slopes less than 33%

You can also check our blog on theVSEt 9+ electric scooter.

Technical sheet :

Autonomy in km 50 km 100 km depending on the battery
Battery capacity in ampere time 52V 13Ah, 17,5Ah or 21Ah LG
Watts power 650 W or 2x 650W depending on the model
Max speed in km / h 25 km / h (55 km / h on private lanes)
Kg weight 23 kgs
Maximum weight allowed in kg 100 kg
Lighting Before behind
Wheel diameter in inches 8.5 inches
Certificates CE-FCC-RoHS
Charging time 6.5 h, 8.5h or 10.5 hours depending on the model
Maximum slope 33%
Sealing IP54
Folded size 122 cm, 23 cm, 49 cm
Tire Inflatable forward and full at the back
Suspension Before behind
Braking Back
Brakes Brake drum + magnetic


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