Ou réparer sa trottinette électrique sur Lyon? - PIE TECHNOLOGIE

Why does my electric scooter start anymore?

If you encounter problems with your electric scooter you have to do the electric scooter repair. The scooter repairelectricIn Lyon is fast.

The Society Pie Technology which is Electric scooter repairer Express on Lyon.

We have a team of specialized technicians as Scooter repairer Xiaomi mainly but also of the big brands like Dultron, VSett, Speedway, Etwow etc.

Lyon electric scooter repair

Our knowledge has allowed us to open a store REPAIR ELECTRIC scooter But also electric bikes, gyroroues, gyropods, electric skates, electric scooters.

You bring your electric scooter in our repair shop so that a technician makes a diagnosis and repairs the on-site scooter. We repair electric vehicles from all brands.

Why choose the electric scooter repairer PIE TECHNOLOGY?

Our company offers repairers in specialized electric mobility in this field. They followed training and had diplomas in electric but also in welding and have knowledge about electrical circuits. They can detect a controller failure, battery failure, engine failure. They can repair a hoverboard but also repair an electric bike and mainly repair electric scooters.

Repair Electric Scooter Lyon

Our Store REPAIR ELECTRIC scooter is located in full Lyon and open 6/7 days from 9h to 19h.

That the electric machine has been to buy from us or in competition we take care of it. That they are purchased under warranty or not we take care of it.

For information Our products in electric mobility PIE technology are guaranteed 2 years. The repair is free except in the event of out of warranty failure.

We have fast electric scooter repair service for you. But we do not suggest the HOME scooter repair.

We intervene largely on the Electric scooter tire repair In Lyon.

Which marks of electric scooters to repair you?

We undertaken repairs all the electric scooter marks whether for a change of air chamber or a change of tire. We also intervene on electric scooter battery repair, motherboard repair and Xiaomi motherboard, our company is available for any type of repair.

We have spare parts in stocks of the most famous brands.

Our rates are reasonable you can find the price list on our Repair page.

We can also intervene on the maintenance of your electric scooter. With or without appointment.

Find an electric scooter store in Lyon?

The stores that melts this amenities are rare on Lyon, find or do za repair electric scooter is complicated because there is little shop.

We are a Store REPAIR ELECTRIC scooter Accept and professional.

Lyon electric scooter repair shop

We take care of your machines we also intervene from the Electric Draisian repair but mainly on the electric scooter wheel repair.

We intervene on a large part on the electric scooter wheel repair because it is often burst at the air chamber or tire. He is advisor to put a full tire to avoid punctures.

So you are in the right places and find an electric scooter repairer 69 near you.


What is the price to repair its electric scooter?

You want to know more about repair we propose a diagnosis electric scooter failure. You can contact us and go to our repair shop.

You can replace the motherboard make the replacement of a motorized wheel, replacing a battery and also make an express revision.

So usually if you consult this article we understand your problem.

Do you have a problem with your electric scooter?

Electric mobility gear are often mechanical gear. At the different of the Hoverboard the electric skate is not composed of gyroscopic system.

Xiaomi Air Room Repair

We repair the mechanical problems so the engine brake, the controller and the stem. Cella looks loan for bike repair.

Many scooter Xiaomi on default and no tubeless tire, or puncture is regular. It is important to know how to change the front tire or change the rear tire for the most important safety.

For punctures you can put inflatable tires but the puncture will be frequent and you go to have a loss of speed and autonomy.