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How does a Segway / Hoverboard Gyropode operate: Device and operating principle.


  1. How does Gyropod work
  2. The principle of operation and movement of the hoverboard with handlebars
  3. Hoverboard engine device
  4. Hoverboard battery device

Many familiar people with the Segway Gyropode, but not yet used to their mini-versions, are wondering "How does a hoverboard without handle work?" Their surprise is quite understandable: it is difficult for the profane to imagine that a miniature foot platform with two wheels on the sides can have a more perfect control than a segway gyropod Solid with a comfortable high handle. Nevertheless, it is true: with the help of intelligent gyroscopic stabilizers, manufacturers have managed to create a self-balancing mechanism, controlled only by tilting the user.



How do the gyropods of the interior work

Visually, the Gyro is a horizontal plastic board with two footrests and pronounced wheels located at the edges of the structure, but on the same axis. The wheels are adorned with depression tires.

If you open the structure, it turns out that it has a fairly complicated device:

  • inside each wheel are engines powered by a Li-ion battery;
  • Along the perimeter of the housing, there are a large number of gyroscopic sensors, there are 3 green panels;
  • The processor controls the system, which acts as a device for collecting and processing information;
  • Between the footrests - a solid metal element with a high load capacity.

In addition, electric hoverboards can be equipped with speakers, a LED backlight, a screen and control buttons. The Delivery Kit includes a charger to connect the unit to the mains to restore its load.


The principle of operation and movement of the Hoverboard ↑

A good manufacturer's quality gyroscopic card is always supplied with a set of control cards and a set of gyroscopes. These are these devices that are responsible for the self-balancing of the device, set the angle of its inclination and allow to easily move on the road without any problem. In the primitive versions of the technique, the gyroscope and the board are manufactured in one copy, which hurts greatly in handling.

The Segway Gyropod works as follows:

  • When the system is lit, it balances automatically: detects the center of gravity and removes optimal position for a person.
  • By leaning forward or backward, the rider defines the direction of the movement, to make a turn, it moves the center of gravity (press with its foot) on the side of the structure where you have to turn.
  • The reactivity of the hoverboard with handlebar is provided by sensors that constantly collect information, recording all changes that occur during driving.
  • The functionality of all mechanisms, as well as the actual bearing of gyropod a wheel, are provided by the motors connected to the battery.









To users interested in the device and the operating principle of the Smart Balance Hoverboard, the sellers of the electricity stores by example Comme Decathlon, Darty explain in advance that because of the budget of this technology, it is controlled somewhat differently from dear brand products. Thus, to move such a vehicle from its place, to give it the order to rotate or back down, it is necessary to press special buttons fixed by the constructor directly under the cushion on the platform. However, to perform these actions, the pilot will also have to look a little, as in automatic balancing models.


Hoverboard engine device ↑

Due to the minimum dimensions of the Hoverboard, developers had to resort to the most compact engine options. Inside each wheel, there is an integrated engine, which is called a "wheel motor".

The engine design involves the presence of a rolling stator. A constant magnetic field is formed inside it, interacting with the magnets of the rotor and starting its rotation. For the engine to rotate in constant mode, special pulses are applied to windings, causing magnetic properties. To follow the pulses, the stator is equipped with Hall effect sensors that detect the rotor position relative to the stator.

MINI-SEGWAYS are usually equipped with two drive wheels with a capacity of 350 watts each. The specificity of their operation lies in the fact that they work independently and are not even interconnected. The wheels can move at different speeds and even move in different directions, which considerably increases the controllability of the hoverboard.


Hoverboard battery device ↑

The manufacturer tries to equip the wheel platform with a good lithium-ion battery, which would be enough for many hours of travel in town. Sometimes a battery is used for this purpose, sometimes two. Most brands are trying to buy well-known brand components such as Samsung or LG, some companies themselves manufacture batteries or buy them in less known factories.

There are several classes of batteries supplied with mini-segways. Basically, the mini-format devices are equipped with less powerful batteries of categories 1C and 2C. If we are talking about more solid electric transport with 8 and 10 "wheels, it is more comfortable for them to work with batteries of larger load capacity - 4c and 5c, respectively.

The Li-ion batteries are based on electrodes, between which a special electrolyte separator is placed. Such a device is hermetically closed, lithium ions play the role of charge carrier.

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