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What electric scooter should I take?

  • How to choose an electric scooter by battery and engine?
  • How to choose an electric scooter by dear?
  • Construction, suspension, brakes.
  • Choose the best electric scooter on wheels.
  • What else should you pay attention?

The purchase of a machine is always a challenge. It does not matter whether it's a dear luxury car or a simple electric scooter to get to the store or work. The buyer will always be interested in what electric scooter is better to choose: with a motor wheel or with a belt transmission, with a lead or lithium-ion battery. We tried to gather answers to all these questions in a detailed instruction to choose an adult electric scooter cheap and expensive too.

TheElectric scooter sales jumped105% to 478,000 units sold in France.

First of all, the buyer of an electric scooter must answer questions about the subsequent operation of the scooter. Will it be used daily or only on weekends? Where will it be stored? How far will the outings be? Roll on a flat surface or on pavers, gravel, sand? Depending on the destination of the product, the product category should be appointed: sports, walks, extreme sports, electric city scooters, electric scooter seat.

In addition, it is necessary to consider consistently the criteria of choice of electric scooters, formulating the idea of ​​an ideal vehicle on the basis of the results of this work. In a nutshell, the buyer must choose: the type of construction, the battery, the wheels, the engine, the suspension, the brakes. The weight of the product, the speed of displacement and the distance that the device can browse with a single charge also play an important role.


How to choose an electric scooter by battery and engine?

The two basic elements of all Electric scooters are the battery and the engine. It is this combination, in combination with the transmission that transmits the torque to the wheels, which ensures the optimal speed and power of the vehicle.

  • The battery can be made from different electrolytes and can also be characterized by different capabilities.Rule 1:By choosing between lead-acid or lithium, you need to focus on them because they are lighter, safer, more durable.Rule two:The greater the battery capacity, the more each load will last.
  • The electric motors of the scooters are made in the form of a wheel element (in this case, they talk about a motor-wheel system) or they can be a separate part connected to the wheels by a belt or a string. Increasingly, manufacturers are inclined to make scooters with a motor wheel because it reduces the cost of the design, ensures the tightness of the engine and also gives the product a neat appearance.


Construction, suspension, brakes.

All market scooters are either monolithic or foldable, the user must immediately decide whether he needs a large or compact structure as possible. The monolith is more reliable and durable, it is more convenient to control it, it is more stable. But the scooter-builder is more convenient in a megalopolis, especially if the winter it must be stored on the mezzanine.

The weight of the product is influenced by its material, the type of wheels, the characteristics of the battery and the motor. If you need the simplest solution, take a carbon case, a lithium battery, a motor-wheel.

The error that many riders face when they decide to choose an electric scooter for an adult is that they ignore the suspension. Many people simply believe that it is not necessary in a scooter. In fact, the absorption of shocks and the suspension are very necessary things for individual electric vehicles, because it is at their shoulders that the task is to soften the irregularities of the road. The suspension of the scooter can be pneumatic or spring. Both options allow you to get the desired result, but the best solution would be to combine a pneumatic wheel and shock absorption. The brakes are an indispensable accessory for all high speed scooters. Usually, manufacturers provide their equipment with a double brake set: both an electronic system and a mechanical system. Mechanical brakes are considered must be on powerful models.


Choose the best electric scooter on wheels.

There are electric scooters with different speeds, as electric scooter 3o km hour, electric scooter 80 km h,Electric scooter 40 km Time. Experienced riders (people conducting scooters) know that the comfort of using this vehicle depends largely on how the scooter interacts with the surface on which it rolls. In fact, it is in the process of choosing the wheels that we determine to what extent the user of the equipment will feel at the wheel.

  • A cast iron wheel is worth buying only if you plan to roll in parks and smooth sidewalks. In all other conditions, a great discomfort will be felt.
  • The pneumatic chamber / air chamber is ideal for delicate surfaces, including off-road. She will provide a good cushioned almost everywhere. The disadvantage is the risk of drilling such a wheel.


What else should you pay attention?

In addition to studying the basic elements of an electric scooter, you must also try the equipment at work: child and adult vehicles need to be tested before buying. You must mount on the walk, start the engine, check the operation of the vehicle, make sure it is stable, comfortable and easy enough to drive. The test of an electric scooter must include several main steps.

  • The width of the deck must match the length of the feet and be comfortable for the user.
  • The length of the handlebars must be adjustable (this is particularly important if the cyclist is a child who will grow).
  • It is advisable to pay attention to the materials from which the product is manufactured. If you need a durable scooter, it is preferable that its frame is steel, but if the structure is light in principle, it is then allowed to take an aluminum case.
  • Finally, for users who have planned the conquest of peaks,

Travel on the hills or even outings out of the city, an electric scooter with a good ground clearance (distance from the bridge to the road) is essential. The better, the higher the cross-country capacity of the vehicle.


Which electric scooter choose in 2020-2021?

For the modern scooter buyer, a wide selection of two-wheeled vehicles of different types and modifications is open. The most well-established brands are CityCoco, Minimotors,Dultron, WEPED SPEEDWAY, Ninebot, Egret, Kaabo, Etwow, E-Road, Xiaomi, Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite, Electric Scooter Wispeed T850, Electric Scooter Razor, Electric Scooter Norauto, Electric Scooter E Road, Electric Scooter E Motion, Xiami Scooter Pro Scooter Pro Scooty scooter.

It is important to have a good service of Electric scooter repair If an electrical or mechanical problem occurs.