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How to properly charge the battery?

How to properly charge the battery of an electric scooter is probably one of the first questions that worries a user freshly out of the oven of this fashionable gadget when starting its operation and choosing a future friend.

Recently, almost all electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries - their capacity is usually sufficient for an hour and a half. This indicator suggests that, subject to the active use of this transport, you will need to recharge.

And here the first problem is waiting for the user - if you do it badly and make mistakes, it is quite possible that the maximum capacity of the battery decreases.


Charge time and other factors affecting the performance process.

As a rule, the load time of a standard adult electric scooter battery can go up to two hours - it's how much it takes to fully charge the battery. But keep in mind that this is the standard time - for example, for a bike ethon with its powerful battery of 38 Ah, it will take twice more time.

Unlike mobile phones, it is better not to charge this device to less than 85% - after all, such a precaution will extend its life.

Refill from a regular or special plug?

One of the most popular requests of the users of these gadgets is whether it is possible to load an electric stroke from an ordinary outlet?

You can load from the simplest domestic jack - but subject to a condition: Use the original charger. And then the battery will protect the device from overvoltages and other voltage problems.

This is the most important requirement that can be read in any instructions for use - and, first of all, it is related to the issue of security. And do not flatter universal devices - after all, they are not specifically intended for your scooter.

Charging process.

There are no particular difficulties to load the battery of an electric scooter - the usual schema works here:

Electric Trotinette Battery

Good devices always have integrated protection against problems such as overloading: but you should not wait a time when it should work - after all, it is quite possible that it does not happen.

An important point is the preservation of the off-season charge level, when the device is sent to storage - the battery must always be loaded at 50%. And store the battery optimally at room temperature.

This process is distinguished by nothing special - but it is its respect that guarantees the safety of the battery and the entire device. And your electric scooter will last for years.