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How to replace two-wheeled mechanical vehicles?

How to replace two-wheeled mechanical vehicles, with thebikeelectricwhich have become a real mode in the market of appliances based on the electric wheel. Drive such a device is comfortable and fashionable because unusual transport has become a real symbol of modern and advanced people, attracting the attention of other road users.

The large number of offers on the market has chosen an electric bike, a truly arduous task. Everyone dreams of acquiring the perfect model, and with such a range of products, this is both simple and difficult.

Before buying a fashionable gadget, we advise you to read the material of the article, from which you will get a lot of useful information and learn how to choose an electric bike and what you need to take into account in the process of 'purchase.

Let us make a reservation right now that before you familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of a particular model, be sure to decide how you will use the bike, which routes you plan to borrow and what distances you want to get away from home. The answers to all these questions will allow you to choose a device that fully meets your requirements and wishes.

You can also receive aPremium on the purchase of an electric bikeSo go down.

Ves Ready Bike Velo Kit?

For starters, ask yourself if you want to buy a completely finished sample or if you will work alone to create the electric bike of your dreams. In the first case, you will be offered an option initially adapted for an electric motor integrated with the wheel.

the electric bike Finished is able to withstand increased loads, in addition, its operating parameters will be set in total compliance with all the requirements and standards for speed and power limitation for vehicles of this type.

In addition, the factory assembly guarantees the durability of the product and its attractive design, because in this case, all the wires and other pads are carefully hidden in the case and under special lids. The disadvantages include the complexity of repair and modernization, in addition, a finished bike with an electric motor costs a higher order of magnitude than a mechanical analog made by hand.

A conversion kit designed to fit a traditional bike transforms it into a motor vehicle. By choosing the right kit, everyone can create an individual model, designed for the weight of a certain cyclist or difficult road conditions.


The disadvantage here is quite obvious: to create a very good device with your own hands, you must have some knowledge and skills. In addition, we will focus exclusively on the assembly of the electric bike and the criteria for its selection.

electric bike


Choose an electric bike

If you are confronted with the question of choosing a quality bike with an electric wheel, we recommend that you start choosing speed control, not with power or load capacity, as do the buyers often do. inexperienced.


Electric bikes are divided into two types: pedaling or accelerator. The first option involves pedaling, which determines the speed of movement. The disadvantage here is the need for a constant physical effort, without which transport can not travel.

The second option closer the two-wheeled motorcycle device, and the more the force is applied to the gas handle, the more quickly the driver rushes on the road - everything is very simple. Unfortunately, with this configuration, it is quite difficult to pedal in case of discharge of the battery.

There are also hybrid models that combine the two options envisaged.

The choice of an electric bike is based on the following parameters:

Vehicle type. Like traditional models, electric models can be designed for driving on mountain, highway and city roads, and you alone can decide yourself to what end the purchase will be destined.

Type of engine.Professionals strongly recommend choosing models with a motor wheel and do not consider buying products with external chain workout, as these gadgets are overall both morally and technically. They are noisier, moreover, they often break down and require special maintenance.

Battery Type.The battery is not the most important structural element directly affecting the weight and cost of an electric bike. Most often, modern manufacturers resort to the use of lead-acidic or lithium-ion batteries, and the second option is more preferable for a number of objective reasons (excellent capacity and high endurance). The maximum speed of the bike depends on the declared battery voltage.

Workout unit. An electric bike, whose choice belongs entirely to its future owner, can be equipped with a front, rear or integral traction - just like a car. Most often, rear propulsion samples are on sale, and the integral transmission is typical for devices with increased cross-country capacity.

Frame type.A folding bike is ideal for city walks, and a more reliable monolithic option is better bought for outdoor trips.

Popular brands.

Riese & Mulleris a bicycle company based in Darmstadt, Germany. It was founded in 1993 by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller. The company designs and manufactures balanced bicycles, in collaboration with a company like Pacific Cycles, Taiwan. Riese & Mueller bikes are sold in Australia, Japan and the United States.

The story of the famous German brandKalkhoffStarts in the distant 1919, when a young rural factor Heinrich Kolkhoff, a future founder of the company, falls on a commercial leaflet on the sale of bike tires at low prices. Heinrich asked the locals if they needed such tires and, having received many affirmative responses from the villagers, started commerce. The things went very well and the company quickly started not only for sale bike components, but also to gradually experiment with its own production. The whole history of the company is an amazing example of success, along nearly a century, thanks to both the loyalty to the best traditions and the movement in the air of time, a strict quality control and the Concern of the comfort and interests of customers!


El-Sport is renowned for its quality electric bikes, which quickly gained popularity with buyers around the world. Compact and reliable vehicles are distinguished from their competitors by bright colors and ergonomic design.

The functional and practical gadgets of the market leader offer a Cross-Country descent capacity, as well as high quality parts and manufacturing, and if you still do not know which electric bike choosing, do not hesitate to favor the models of El-Sport.