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An electric scooter shop on Lyon:

Pie Technology is a Lyon shop specializing in the sale, rental and repair of electrical mobility devices.

We have a workshop of Electric scooter repair on Lyon.

Electric scooter repair on Lyon

You are offered a significant range of products dedicated toElectric mobility in urban areas: Electric scooter, electric bike, gyrror, electric scooter, gyropode, electric wheels, electric skateboards as well as small bikes, electric draise, mini gyropod and hoverboards.

The teamArt technologyaims to findthe electric vehicle that corresponds to youthe best according to your displacement criteria and your needs in order toFacilitate your journeys in the city. We will advise you in the best choice of your electric scooter compared to the autonomy and speed you want.

Pie Technology, the electric scooter store in Lyon you need!

Rent an electric scooter in Lyon:

Pie Technology also offers a quick electric scooter rental service to visit the city.

Widely cheaper than self-service scooters (Lime, Bird, etc.), the eco-friendly vehicles proposed by the Lyon store are models with very good performances (autonomy, speed), a recognized reliability and a valuable comfort for a Visit day.

So if you are passing through the Lyon region, do not hesitate to rent an electric scooter for your trips.

Choosing your electric scooter with Pie Technology:

To meet your request for a cheap electric scooter or you are looking for an adult electric scooter will be able to advise you.

We can offer Xiaomi M365 electric scooter that will be the cheapest range.

Our store does not offer a Decathlon electric scooter but we can offer similar models and electric scooters.

Children love this kind of machine but we do not offer a child electric scooter. If you want to offer a small OPTER model for an Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. The Xiaomi Scooter brand is the best selling on the French and European market.

If you have a budget of less than 400 € you can go take an electric scooter Auchan or Darty Electric scooters.

Pie technology makes sure to offer the best electric scooter with seat to have the comfort best during a ballad.

There is also the Ninebot ES2 range and the Ninebot ES4 as well as the Ninebot Gmax. If you tap on Google: "Electric scooter price" you will find many poor quality products like on the controller, engine or battery. You can find here an electric scooter baker who we have low rates but with smaller performance ..

Many people call their scooter an electric trot or an electric trotter. The Xiaomi Electric Scooter brand is an electric skate with an attractive price but is not made for long distances.

You can find all the price electric scooter. The cheapest is in large area like the Carefour Electric scooter.

Pie technology offers you a comfortable electric scooter.

You can consult the price of an electric scooter according to your template and your budget:

We have a great brand in our catalog: VSett, E-Twow, Dultron, Speedway Kaabo, WEPED, Kingsong, Inmotion, Wiizzee, Citycoco, Electric Scooters Minimotors, Segway, Elwing , SXT,

How to maintain its electric scooter?

If you plan to buy an electric scooter to go to your work and go home, once your day is over, or to join public transport, you have any interest in maintaining it. This will prevent you from failures or mechanical case, which may make you waste time in your travels. Nevertheless, if you needed a repair, you can inquire about Best Rates Repair Velo and Scooter by clicking on the link. It is really essential that you make use of professionals of the electric scooter.

To get back to the interview, you must be particularly attentive: braking in the condition of your wheels and attach your battery.

As for the battery, you should not hesitate to load it. Contrary to what you might believe is to put your battery flat that will damage it. So, do not hesitate, especially since no battery, you will have only the strength of your calves to move forward. However, always use the loader of your scooter and not another. For braking and tires, it's just indispensable for your safety.

An ideal way to travel for you:

Electric mobility also call eco mobility, it is not just electrical solutions, it is also fast and ecological practical ways, proposed by Pie Technology.

Testing a vehicle in store:

You can planTest a model in storeWith the PIE TECHNOLOGY team, which will be happy to inform you at best so that your purchase is suitable for your mobility needs.

The Pie Technology store has a workshop to perform interviews, diagnostics in case of power failure and repair of electric vehicle.