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The sustainability of urban transport is a massive and correct global trend. Not only does the dimensional modifications of portable electric vehicles deserve the attention of the public: electric cars, scooters, bicycles or electric motorcycles. The gyropode and the electric monocycle are representatives of the category of the most compact vehicles. With their help, it is particularly convenient to move in large cities, without creating traffic jams and congestion.



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The best electric monorbook of the online store.

The ecological electric monocycle and requiring little maintenance perfectly meets modern standards. Living in town requires strong mobility. It is also helped by radically new vehicles with good maneuverability. A particular advantage characteristic of progressive models available for sale in Lyon is the low level of maintenance costs.

The monorua is an innovative way of transport, leisure, active sports activities, which has made a real breakthrough in the transport market. The design of the electrical device is represented by a large rotating disk wheel. On both sides, there are platforms for the feet of the rider. The electric motor is responsible for the movement. The cyclist controls the structure at its discretion: to adjust the speed and rhythm, make walks on sidewalks, trails and other road surfaces.

The advantages of the electric monorua.

Anyone can lead the electric monurrow. When the body is tilted forward, the device accelerates; When the body is tilted backwards, the speed decreases. This effect is obtained by the operation of gyroscopic sensors (they detect the movement of the center of gravity, sending a signal to the engine). Traditionally, an electric battery is attached to the top, as well as a retractable handle to move the vehicle.


Advantages of electrified compact devices:


  • The monocycle seems original; This vehicle is used by prosperous and progressive people, as a result, manufacturers position these equipment as an image technique;
  • Compactness (the monocycle is convenient to store and transport);
  • A wide range of models in terms of design, style, power, additional functional qualities;
  • Effectiveness (excluding cost of expensive fuel and repairs);
  • Economic consumption;
  • It is a transport respectful of the environment;
  • Intuitive control system;
  • Low price, especially compared to other modes of transport.

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