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Cross electric scooters

Electric scooters occupy a place apart from all types of individual transport. The variety of models allows them to be used both in town and outside. Cross-Country electric scooters easily overcome obstacles, regardless of the quality of the road surface. However, they are not devoid of the advantages of standard models.



Red Trotinette and Black Electric

Distinctive features of an all-terrain electric scooter.

In all-terrain conditions, it is more advisable to use electric vehicles with a number of technical specifications:

  1. Most of Electric scooters are equipped with broomless, reliable, long-lived and high-yield motors.
  2. Unlike lead-acid varieties, lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate are lighter and have a longer life.
  3. The bodywork of all-terrain models is aluminum alloy, which reduces the weight of the product without affecting the resistance of the structure.
  4. The best all-terrain electric scooters have a minimum wheel diameter of 8 inches. Inflatable varieties enhance shock absorption and neutralize any vibration.
  5. The powerful pneumatic suspension guarantees a soft conduct and dampel the shocks, even in case of collision with a sidewalk or a potholes.
  6. The disc hydro, installed on electric scooters, is distinguished by its reliability, its good adhesion and a high degree of safety.

The simple design of the electric scooter considerably reduces the risk of failures. The more bodket kits, seals and welds on the device, the more expensive it will be to repair it.

Top-3 All-terrain electric scooters.

Our assessment of all-terrain electric scooters will help you choose the best model for your requests and your portfolio. When compiling a selection of vehicles, not only the technical indicators are taken into account, but also the evaluation of the users with the model for more than 3 months.

Kaabo Skywalker-8S 800W (48V / 13AH)

The economic and compact Kaabo electric scooter is quite suitable for driving in semi-extreme conditions. The 800W engine allows you to develop 40 km / h, and the lithium-ion battery (13 AH) guarantees a cruising battery life up to 45 km on one charge.

The 8-inch wheels work well on the grounds. The aluminum alloy of the frame does not affect the resistance of the model. The load capacity of the electric scooter is 120 kg.

Trotinette Dualtron Sportive

The Kaabo Skywalker-8s folds easily and takes little room in the trunk or when it is stored in the office or at home. Management and settings are made via the on-board computer. Unlike other models, the Kaabo electric scooter has the lowest weight - only 22 kg. The vehicle is ideal for teenagers. The disc braking system guarantees safety and reliability.



Dualtron 2 Ultra 35Ah / 60V


The Ultra Dualtron 2 can easily claim the 2020 off-road electric scooter title. This is one of the most powerful vehicles in its group with a 2400W engine. The scooter can easily reach 85 km / h, and the 35Ah battery allows you to browse 140 km without recharge.



Black and Red Sports Electric Field and Trotinette

The suspension, equipped with a high ground guard, front and rear shock absorbers, perfectly softens all the irregularities of the roadway. The 11-inch rims are equipped with deep tread tires. The front of the bridge has 4 headlights (2 on each side). Behind, there is a marker and emergency lighting.

The electric scooter, if necessary, folds quickly and weighs, despite its versatility, that 37 kg.

Speedway Electric Scooter 5

You can make Speedway 5 electric scooter in the city, in the suburbs and even in the countryside.

Powerful Trotinette Fields Red and Black

The battery of an impressive capacity of 23.4 Ah makes it possible to browse up to 90 km with a single charge. Large 10-inch wheels, aluminum alloy body and wings facilitate travel where other scooters can not. With a motor power of 1600 watts, the Speedway 5 accelerates at 65 km / h to be able to roll at the speed of traffic on the public road.