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How to choose your electric scooter?

In this new era of transport, one of those who have innovated among young people and adults is the electric scooter. Not only because it's one of the best ways to get around quickly and without fuel wasting, but also because it is quite affordable for all budgets. We find scooters not very expensive like the ELECTRIC scooter Xiaomi M365 part of the range of cheap electric scooter.

More and more people use this means of transport and although the electric scooters are safe and stable, it is advisable to equip for any accident. There is also the Adult Electrical Scooter It is therefore essential to use a helmet, gloves and equipment for elbows and knees. Protections are therefore mandatory if you want to buy UEN electric scooter child. Before choosing this or that electric scooter model, consider the following settings

The engine of an electric scooter:

One of the most important features you need to take into account is Watts power that the engine can offer.

There are models with 5400W engine as the electric scooter dultron thunder up to 85km / h.

Electric scooter Dualtron Thunder

We say that because it is the same thing that will determine the weight, speed and duration of your trip. So if you opt for a scooter that has a low power engine, then you will not count on wonderful features.

Long life of the battery:

Before buying an electric scooter, one of the most important features is also battery life. A lot of person uses a Electrical scooter all terrain But consumes a lot in Watts. One of the most powerful batteries is lithium. The lead battery are discouraged because more polluting and lasts less long. We find big teaches like the Electric scooter Decathlon which offers a large choice of model.

If the scooter is equipped, it will be easier to recharge quickly and it will last longer to enjoy it and travel with. Similarly, the battery makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of the engine and the speed it offers. For the most advanced models, the autonomy of these vehicles can reach up to 40 kilometers. Most of the time, it takes them between four and five hours to fully charge.

A practicality of all moments:

The possibility of taking them everywhere without problem is an excellent reason for opting for these vehicles. Many can be folded for easy storage. In addition, thanks to their dimensions, they can move in virtually all spaces. To have better driving comfort it is advisor to use a Electric scooter with seat To have a better road outfit.

Electric scooter with siege

Choose the right wheels:

It's hard to make a choice to find out what is the Best electric scooter.To move comfortably and safely, it is important to take into account the size of the wheels. There are electric scooters with wheels of 6, 8.5 and 10 inches. The smallest are recommended for smooth and paved roads. The largest, on the other hand, are suitable for irregular soils and roads.

They are also intelligent:

One of the great advantages is that many models will allow you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to monitor the speed, display the diagnostics of the vehicle, find nearby friends, and even lock it when not in use. .

Do not forget to take into account the speed:

Before choosing an electric scooter, it is important to be interested at its speed. Depending on the model you will find scooters ranging from 8 to 40 kilometers per hour. An average speed (25 km / h) will guarantee you a better battery saving and a safer driving.

More information on electric scooters:

Electric scooters contribute to urban life by shortening travel times and reducing traditional transport pollution levels. Whether you need it for work or shopping, their great benefits will make an excellent choice. It should also be a good idea that a ELECTRIC scooter insurance is obligatory.

Savings of money count:

Its source of energy and maintenance are widely accessible. You do not need to recharge your scooter than sporadically and for short periods. It is important to look at the electric scooter price and watch the performance on autonomy and speed. You can choose shops specializing in electric mobility like our company Art technology. Difficult to make your choice to know the best Electric scooter Lyon.

Silent vehicles:

Life in the city and silence never go hand in hand. Almost all vehicles do a lot of noise (cars, motorcycles, bus, metros, etc.), unlike electric scooters that generate little or no ambient noise.

Road safety :

According to the regulation, electric scooters are considered non-motorized vehicles, as well as bicycles and skateboards. On this basis, the electric scooters must circulate exclusively on the bike paths and, if there are none, they will use the right path of the road. Sidewalks can only be used by children under 14, the elderly, persons with disabilities or a child under a child under the age of seven. In addition, it is established that its maximum power must be 0.25 kilowatt but this rule concerns the electric bike And a lot of people think that the electric scooter is also part of this law.

electric bike

Maximum weight of a scooter:

The weight is ideal if it is able to transport two adults or children or only one of them. That's why it's the utmost importance to look at the weight she can bear. You have scooters that will be much heavier because it is very fast like the Electric scooter 50 km / h

Tips before buying an electric scooter:

Make sure you know for which model you buy, to know where to go and what features you get.

The better the quality of the product, the longer it will last.

Look for a scooter with thick wheels so that she can better withstand the road. If you want speed it will be necessary to choose a quick electric scooter like the Bronco Xtrem which can reach 100km / h

Be careful not to buy an electric scooter whose battery is of poor quality. When you go to action and you want to buy an electric scooter it is important to have a service and know a good scooter repairer.