Trottinette électrique dualtron thunder 85km/h - PIE TECHNOLOGIE

The design of these powerful models:

The Dultron Thunder is a serious gear. It is regularly called "beast", and as soon as you led it, you will understand why! Dualtron has the reputation of producing electric scooters with a fantastic quality of construction. It is rare that these machines break or break down, and the Thunder is no different.

Dualtron Thunder electric scooter

Scooter Handlebar Minimotors Dualtron Thunder:

In accordance with its size, speed and behavior generally imposing, the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter has a set of sustainable and adherent handles.

With a span of 24 inches, the handlebar offers drivers a stable and comfortable driving experience with total control of the steering column. To put this in perspective, it is about 7 inches wider than the average of the suburban scooters.

Wide handlebar on this minimalot range

On the right of the handlebar is the Thunder's intelligent LCD screen, which allows you to monitor your speed, battery and driving time, as well as to switch from one driving to another. On the left, you will find the selection buttons of the engine system and emergency danger of the scooter. And, of course, the handlebars houses all the usual elements, the two handbrake levers, for example, and the accelerator pedal.

The Thunder handlebars can accommodate a series of optional accessories, including a fingerprint reader for the safety and additional bar on which you can add a phone support or gopro. And, for all aesthetes, the Thunder handlebars does not only fold clean, thanks to a quick release lever at its center, but the stem is also illuminated.

Frame of the dultron

Made from the same aeronautical aluminum alloy frames as those in the Dultron range, the Thunder is a very robust bike.

Dualtron Thunder 85km / h 5400W 60V35Ah electric scooter

Those of you who want to show that they lead one of the best scooters will not be disappointed either. The name of the Dualtron brand is made vertical along the steering column and lights up when the lighting of the stem is on. A lot of magazine talks about this model of electric scooter.

Bridge of this minimotor

With a width of 30 cm, the double of the ordinary scooters, the tray offers sufficient space so that the conductors of all sizes can find a comfortable position without contorting their body.

The underside of the Thunder bridge is lit by a line of colorful and surprisingly bright LED lights. As the rest of the impressive LED installation of the Thunder, the color of its lighting under the bridge is fully customizable. The scooter comes with a remote control. Which allows you to change driving style as often as you want, depending on your mood.

There is also plenty of space for an optional seat so you may want to use for long journeys.


The ultra-wide and large tires that measure 11 x 4 inches are pneumatic, without air chamber. They are designed to withstand punctures and general wear.

If necessary to make atire change he is adviser to have a good service of Electric scooter repair If an electrical or mechanical problem occurs.

Quality of construction and durability of the dultron

Like Dualtron X, Thunder is a quality model. It is made of the same material as his super-commissioned brother. In the nasty and threatening design of the Thunder, you can see the first DNA strands that finally gave birth to the incredible Daltron X.

As the rest of the Dultron range, the Thunder is built to last. The frame and handlebar are forged (probably in the fires of the fate mountain) from a durable aluminum alloy of aviation quality, while the axis is made from a composite of steel. Even mudguards do their part. They are made of polypropylene plastic resistant to wear.

Side profile of the robust frame

It should be kept in mind, however, that the Thunder is not waterproof, which is not a surprise if you are familiar with other Dualtron scooters. It is therefore not recommended to ride in the rain: on the one hand, it is not safe and, on the other hand, any damage caused by moisture will not be covered by the 6 months warranty of the Thunder.

Although only 40% of electric scooters have a water resistance index, it is disappointing not to see one on the Thunder, especially if it considers it costs an arm and a leg.

Weight and charge

With 40 kg, the Dultron Thunder weighs as much as a small person. This is not a light scooter. With regard to the load, the thunder can support up to 265 lbs of the driver's weight. Which is about the norm for dualtron scooters. Indeed, the dualtron 3, ultra, eagle pro and compact are in the same case. We can also find similar models like the Electric scooter Bronco Xtrem which are a 72V with a motor of more than 8000W.