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Tips and tricks to repair your electric scooter

Electric scooters are not free to undergo various typical outages continued use or directly consecutive to accidents of all kinds. This is the case of all conventional vehicles, whether cars, motorcycles or bicycles, That's why, when you buy an electric scooter or electric bike, you must have good service aftermarket which provides you with a repair all warranties.

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Your scooter is down, your scooter is no longer working? Do not worry, scooters have become the preferred means of transport of thousands of citizens. Knowing how to repair an electric scooter is therefore a matter of life or death. If the repair is too technical you can get closer to a repairer electric scooter specialized. Based on our extensive experience in electric mobility, we separated the main incidents in 2 categories:

Common mechanical failures of electric scooters

Most of the time an incident of this type does not require access to original manufacturer's components, except in case of breakage.

Puncture of the electric scooter

The puncture of the electric scooter may be the most common problem of all. Unlike car tires / motorcycles, electric scooters sizes of wheels are not as common and available in different sizes.

Handlebar game

This problem mainly affects small scooters and is linked to the daily use. Avoiding braking, can delay its onset but with time, it is common that the problem appears.


They can occur in any part of the electric scooter. However, it is common that they occur in the axis of the wheel or by turning the handlebar. Normally, replacement of bearings or brake pads, as well as setting the professional point make disappear this type of annoying noise.

Breakages and inflections

They are usually the result of blows and falls. Assuming that all metallic structural element that sustains damage (the vertical bar of the handlebar, for example) must be replaced to avoid the dangers of driving, you will need your dealer or technical service has access to parts origin to ensure perfect operation of the vehicle.

Wear parts

It must be assumed that some components (gears, belts, fenders, chain, brake pads ...) even with optimal use, will inevitably be replaced over time.

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Failures charging port

The loading process is trickier than it seems. Make sure that the charger cable is not strained during loading and disconnect it carefully to avoid any loosening which may cause a bad connection.

Electrical faults on power equipment

Today, the failures of the electronic elements of your electric vehicle are generally resolved by replacing the component, not by repairing. Remember that the derived fault of improper use of the scooter are generally not covered by the product warranty. This is why we recommend you to inform you about the limitations of the guarantee at the time of purchase.

Controller failure

The controllers are typically tested to operate in the appropriate usage settings for the characteristics of your scooter. In other words, two different electrical pads do not necessarily have the same operating range. That said, it is perfectly possible that a controller is defective and stops working without warning. As a general rule, a faulty controller breaks in the first days of use, without warning. The control unit of an electric scooter subjected to heavy slopes or at excessive speeds for long periods may fail to protect the engine. It's a fairly expensive piece and does not tend to break.

Chargers failures

The lifetime of a charger is estimated at 2 or 3 years in case of constant use. It can also be affected by line surges. Chargers that are usually provided with the scooter are not high quality. If you have problems with your original charger, it is better to opt for a good lithium fast charger.

The Error display messages

If you do not know how to change the settings from the screen, it is best to view your dealer because most error messages come from poor manipulation. That said, in case of real error that can not be resolved from the screen, contact your dealer.

Battery failures

The batteries require specific maintenance to ensure optimum life. Although it is normal that the load capacity decreases with time, if your battery does not work overnight, do not hesitate to contact the professionals. It's important to Choose your electric scooter in order to have the best possible quality.

LEDs failures

They are usually due to a bad connection but in case of rupture, the best solution is to replace them.