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All about the electric scooter

You have probably seen them on the street, these people using scooters again. It has been a few years since the electric scooters have invaded centers. But this craze for this kind of machine is not unfounded. Indeed, the "trotting" will tell you that rolling in electric scooters is a real freedom and a huge time saving everyday. However, as a Lambda person, you do not know yourself in this new mode of transport. If you want to find out easily and quickly on the benefits, the criteria to take into account, where to buy your scooter or how to ride safely, you have fallen to the right place. Let's see this together.



Summary : 
An electric scooter: what is it?
The benefits of the electric scooter
Choose your electric scooter according to your uses
Discharge: several possible methods
Or buy and maintain your scooter?
Security: one aspect does not do not neglect.



An electric scooter: what is it?

From a toy to a useful way

Formerly considered a children's toy, scooters have continued to evolve over time. In 1920, the scooter was essentially composed of wood and was only reserved for children. It was not until the 1980s so that the scooter equips with an electric motor. Nevertheless, it is only from 2017 that the electric scooter is spread widely thanks among others to the appearance of rental services in the big cities.

What is the difference between a scooter with mechanical thrust and an electric scooter?

The electric scooter differs from a classic scooter by the fact that it does not require any effort to ride. Indeed, an electric scooter has an engine and a battery connected to an accelerator trigger to advance without having to push with your foot. CAUTION However: Electric scooters are distinguished from traditional scooters by the fact that they are assimilated to individual mobility gear, also defined under the acronym (NVEI) "new individual electric vehicles". This implies that you must respect certain rules when using it.



The benefits of the electric scooter

Nowadays, the locomotion means have never been numerous: bike, car, motorcycle, you only have the embarrassment of choice to make your trips. In recent years, you have probably seen the spectacular expansion of electric scooters in your streets. This is no coincidence that more and more people are turning to this new type of locomotion. Here are the benefits of moving in electric scooter.

Practical means of transport

First, if people more and more privilege the electric scooter is because it is a very practical mode of transportation. Indeed, the electric scooter has a quite reduced size and a weight content (on average as heavy as a bike). Its great advantage is that the majority of models can bend what makes it possible to take public transport and bring it home, at a friend or office.

A daily saving time

If you live in traffic jams every morning and every night. Switch to the electric scooter is not an absurd choice. Indeed, with its very small template, you can sneak everywhere and so avoid these endless traffic jams that ruin your morale. You probably tell yourself that you will never so fast in electric scooter than in car? Well let me tell you that if you live within 5 km of your workplace, you will arrive before your colleague by car. Nowadays, most models offer max speed of 25 km / h. In addition, you will not need to look for a parking space, you can directly bring the scooter to the office.

A playful and fun activity

The electric scooter is also a playful means of transport. You have no effort to provide and enjoy a feeling of fun acceleration all in a silence that will allow you to hear the birds sing before going to work. It's also a very accessible and easy-to-hand locomotion: in a few minutes of learning you can handle an electric scooter and start moving.

A means of ecological transport

Like the bike, the scooter is part of the means of soft mobility. That is, by not counting its manufacture, its use does not exude strictly no polluting gases.

Key savings

Interviews, Gasoline, Insurance, Your Car Plumps Your End of Month? With an electric scooter you can say goodbye to this nightmare. The recharge of the battery will only cost you a few cents of euros. The maintenance is summarized to change tires and brake pads which will only cost you a hundred euros in the year, what to do with sacred savings compared to the maintenance of a car (between 600 and 1700 euros / year). But beyond all these benefits, you can refund the travel expenses to scooter: up to 500 € per year and per person thanks to the sustainable mobility package. If with all these advantages you do not jump on the occasion ...



Choose your electric scooter according to your uses

With the democratization of electric scooters, the brands multiply from year to year. Nowadays you can find models at less than 200 euros as models to more than 3000 euros like the Dultron Thunder. In this jungle of different models, difficult to navigate. To choose its electric scooter several criteria come into play: speed, autonomy, power, weight and obviously the price. These criteria vary from one person to another depending on their personal use. For example, a person who regularly takes public transport with his scooter will include a light and foldable scooter. We advise you to take a time of reflection on your needs before leaving you on the different models available.


Picto Speed

In France, the regulation imposes a limit of 25 km / h on the public road. This is not a coincidence that most electric scooters offer maximum speed at 25 km / h. Since the application of this regulation, all manufacturers have been asked to limit the maximum speed of electric scooters marketed in France. Know all as well as some scooters have a maximum speed reaching the 45 km / h or 85 km / h! At these speeds, you will only be able to circulate on private grounds and if envy takes you to use your agglomeration machine, know that you risk a fine of 1500 €!


Picto autonomy

The autonomy of an electric scooter is 20 km away. Obviously the autonomy fluctuates according to the models but also according to several factors. First, it depends on your template, plus the scooter will have a heavy load to move, the more it will have to draw on its resources to move to the best look. Autonomy can also take a shot if every day you have to ride a rather steep coast. Finally, be aware that most electric scooters have different modes (eco, standard, sport) these modes allow you to adjust the power and thus to prolong or not the autonomy.

The power

Picto Power

Speaking of power, it depends on 2 factors: the power generation capacity of the battery and the power of the engine. The power of an electric scooter is expressed in Watt (W). To take a very wide range, it is between 200W and 1500W for the most powerful models. Know that from 300W, the power delivered is quite sufficient for an adult person. On the other hand, if your template is imposing, do not hesitate to turn to more powerful models to move you completely.

The weight

Picto Weight

Weight is a criterion that many people often neglect. Yet it is no less a very important criterion. Indeed, the advantage of the scooter is that you can transport it just about anywhere (at a friend, at the office ...). The average weight of an electric scooter is between 10 and 25 kg. So be sure to find out about the weight of your future scooter (especially if you live on the 4th floor without elevator). A point to note also: When you fall out of battery failure, you will not be able to use your electric scooter as a classic scooter.

The price

Picto price

Obviously all models are not worth it but do not pay attention to too enticing offers, you can end up with models with a faulty battery or brakes that make the soul after a few days of use. There is no miracle: if you want a good quality and durable electric scooter, it will take the price. Count minimum 500 € for a reliable model but this can go up to 3000 € for an upscale model. The price is therefore a very important element to take into account before buying your machine and be sure not to underestimate your budget. Think in the long run: a scooter bought 200 € at a supermarket will not make you long fire and will need to be repaired after a few months. It is therefore a long-term investment that you make when you purchase, prioritize a more expensive model can save you money afterwards.



Discharge: several possible methods

Debridge is a totally optional and illegal step if you plan to drive only on public roads. However, this remains a way to make the most of the power of your electric scooter. There are a multitude of conceivable methods to unbridge its electric scooter and it will depend on your model. The first method is to modify the firmware (the software) of your scooter. You can also uncheck your scooter by changing parts such as controller, transmission, battery or engine. We will focus on the main models of the Xiaomi brand.


Or buy and maintain your scooter?

Buy your electric scooter in store

Picto store

Whether you perfectly know the model you want to get or be lost in the multitude of available gear, you go to a physical store is a very good way to make no mistake when buying your electric scooter. Qualified people can advise you at best according to your needs and your budget. Order on an online sales site remains a rest also a very advantageous way to buy. Indeed, by choosing pieces technology, you are sure of the quality of scooters and you can enjoy a quality service.

Buy spare parts

Picto spare parts

Whether you bought your scooter from us or elsewhere, you can have your electric scooter repaired at Pie Technology. We propose the repair of all electric scooter marks. Whether you want to change the gum tires, make a setting of your brakes, or simply make a diagnosis of your machine, our team of technicians will be happy to take care of your machine.

Buy spare parts

Picto store

You can get closer to a store when you want to get spare parts. On the one hand, you can be advised on the choice of spare parts and thus avoid compatibility errors with your machine, and on the other hand our technical team will be able to install the room on your scooter.

See spare parts



Security: an appearance to do not neglect

Since 2013, 1,378 electric scooter accidents have been identified, including collisions on the road with cars, scooters or bicycles. If you live in the city, you will have to coexist with motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. It is therefore necessary to be attentive throughout your trip. But this is not enough. A stop grid car, a pedestrian who arises in front of you, as many situations that can happen at any time. Launched at 25 km / h (the appearance of a gallop horse), a fall can be dramatic. That's why it's important to protect themselves.

Security equipment

Whether cycling or scooter, you are exposed to the risk of falling. It is therefore necessary to wear equipment to limit injury. In electric scooters, the helmet is not mandatory but strongly recommended. It should be known that head injuries are the most frequent injuries in scooter (40% of injuries). Despite this, the majority of people do not wear headphones when using their scooter, just go outside to see it ...


The lighting, the buzzer, the mirror, so many accessories allowing you to roll by being seen and heard. The different models of electric scooters are already, a priori, equipped with lighting but to complete and make you more visible, you can invest in lights to fix on your helmet or on your backpack. Protect yourself is the most important thing. Nevertheless it is also useful to protect its scooter including theft. Indeed, the electric scooter flight is commonplace, especially in big cities. Securing its scooter with an anti-theft is the minimum if you decide to leave your craft out.

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