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How to unbridge an electric scooter?

Having an electric scooter has been becoming a source of independence and freedom for a few years. Its acquisition allows you to save time and save money on your annual travel budget. If this mode of transport is very appreciated by the French, it is good because it facilitates a great mobility and rolls faster than a car when it is unbridled.

But what is debriefing?

Thatamounts toIncrease capacity and powervoluntarily by removing the speed limiter for example; That's what we will discover in this article.


Unbridging an electric scooter

Like the drivers of big motorcycles, it is possible to live strong sensations even by being with an electric scooter. To enjoy a good driving experience, multiple users choose the debrief option.

The device then becomes much faster and its speed far exceeds that initially adapted. Unbridging a gear meets standards. Indeed, it is impossible to exceed a speed of 25 km / h on public designated channels.

IMPORTANT: In case of Exceeding this speed limit on public roads, you run the risk of sanctionsimprisonment of one year with a fine can Up to € 15,000. In short, it is possible to roll a unbridled electric scooter than in a private perimeter.

Pie technology is in no way responsible for the risks you encounter by unplugging your electric scooter.


Efficient electric scooter debridging techniques

If you want to make your machine two wheels faster, there are different practices: Discharge by changing the controller, debridging by changing the transmission, debridging by motor change and debridging by battery change

Whatever the technique you intend to use, it will take account of the electric scooter model, the manufacturer's mark and your real needs.


Unbridle by changing the controller

If you have a handy hand, you will be able to debridge your electric scooter by changing the controller. The controller is an accessory that allows monitor. It represents to a certain extent The brain of the craft. Since it serves Block and fix the speed of the electric scooter at a given thresholdIt is quite possible to increase the ability by changing it. In this case, The use of cables is to change the power of the device.


Unbridle by changing the battery

Keep the battery of your electric scooter and roll faster will have an impact on autonomy. So, your device may be damaged. If you want to go to a higher speed, The solution would be to replace its initial battery with a much more powerful news.

However, it will be necessary to provide a significant budget to change the battery because its change involves the transformation of all that is related to the system. Indeed, change the battery of your machine returns to Change the entire power circuit. So you will have to change The engine and the controller. If these different cost parameters must be taken into account, it is better to acquire a more efficient scooter.

By the way, if you do not want to completely change the battery of your craft, it is possible to strengthen it by a second.

Good to know: Add an extra battery will not increase your power. On the other hand, the new battery will allow your gear of Keep its top speed on a longer trip.


Unbridle by motor change

In addition to the controller, the battery you can change and limiter that you can withdrawTo increase the capacity of an electric machine, the motor change is also a practical way. However, this is a technique that can be expensive and well complex

Indeed, this change, however, requires knowledge Increased type of engine. Before changing the engine of your scooter, You must know its weight, cost, check its legislative report and compatibility. Like the battery, it is best to buy a new electric scooter more efficient if your wish is to benefit from a faster machine.

If you do not want to change the engine, however, you can rewind it. In practice, you will need to reduce the amount of tricks of its winding. So you can get one kilovolt, and therefore less couples. The speed will then be higher.

We recommend that you call a professional If you do not have mastery, nor the skills to do it for yourself.


Unbridle by changing the transmission

Discharge the electric scooter by changing the transmission is a mechanical change that takes place on the device. To succeed, it will take Replace the pinion and the crown.

The change in the transmission of the scooter is advantageousbecause it will be you Easy to accelerate at startup. No need to go beyond the speed accepted.

Can we ensure a unbridled electric scooter?

You may not know it yet, but you have the opportunity to find an insurance for electric scooter. It must be said that you are more and more numerous to adopt this transport mode to go to work. Indeed, it avoids you out of your car in town and have to face traffic jams and find a place to park. You can also save time on your trip time, besides that you can couple the scooter with public transport.

It is therefore possible to find a Scooter insurance in line. This is particularly the case if you click on this link. As for a motorcycle or scooter, you will see that you will have the right to several guarantees:

Mobility guarantee

The driver's body warranty


So you can collect a lump sum indemnity if your battery breaks down. If you have an accident and you are injured or even with a disability (greater than or equal to 15%), you will receive up to € 100,000 compensation.

Of course, there are conditions, as with any insurance. With regard to the electric scooter, you must comply with the regulations in force. This means that if you decide your scooter beyond 25 km / h, you will not be covered. In the same way, it will also have to respect the other obligations, namely to possess:

a buzzer

Lighting at the front and back


In addition, you will have to wear a helmet. The vest is reflective also, as soon as the brightness is not sufficient. Also know that children under 12 years old are not allowed to drive an electric scooter unless the engine is turned off. 

Unbridle to the electric shunt

The shunt is what allows the passage of the current throughout the electrical circuit. In other words, it's a cable and when cut, the vehicle's ability can increase.

The purchase of the electric scooter gives you a guarantee. Thus, by cutting the wire, you must be careful to keep the guarantee in progress.


Electronically unbridle

This technique is by far the simplest. Electronic debridging is done by the Modification of the firmware program through the application dedicated to it. In addition to the application, unbridging can be done on the display.

Good to know: electronic debridging must be done While the battery of the device is perfectly charged.


Unbridle with the kit

Like electronic debridging, unbridging with the kit is just as easy to achieve. Thanks to the debriefing kit, you have the insurance to benefit from 8 km / hour in addition to the autonomy of an electric scooter.

To unbridle the electric scooter with the debrief kit, simply follow the instructions for use. Just in a few clicks, you're unplugging your machine.


In conclusion, except Regulation that prohibits the driving of the electric scooter on the public roads, Debridge is not forbidden. To increase the power of your gear, use a professional if you do not have a handy hand. However, make sure that the technique used is compatible and adapted to your scooter.