Comment améliorer l'utilisation de sa batterie ? (Court et long terme) - PIE TECHNOLOGIE

Raz the ball of public transport ... you now have a rider free urban, but you You gladly confront a problem of size: autonomy.


Keep the quality of the battery of your electric scooter.

First of all, your battery has an average life of 3 years and like any battery, do not neglect Reloading quality of this one.


You must pay attention to several points regarding the reloading of it, here are some tips:

TIP N ° 1: Do not recharge your battery if it is not at least below 80%This will impact the life of your battery.

TIP N ° 2: Avoid too much unload The battery can damage it or worse making it unusable.

Tip # 3: Do not let it plug longer than it should. Beware of forgetfulness (avoid recharging it at night or when you are missing for example).

TIP N ° 4: Never submit the battery to a voltage most important that the one planned and observe the voltage indicated on the user manual.


All these tips will allow you to maintain the right quality of your battery as well as its life. Do not unwind with your ride conditions and your wallet.


Extend the autonomy of its electric scooter in an emergency situation.

You are far from your home, you ride as if nothing can stop, except perhaps this notification you would not expect; telling you that your battery is weak and you only have 10% left.

Problem: You do not have your charger, no place to recharge it.

So you must quickly go home and hope not to go on foot, scooter in hand.


The first thing that you have to do, is from reduce your speed.

Because being in a hurry to return, you think you make the right choice by accelerating, but that will be your worst mistake, because the more you will ask for power, the more you will reduce your autonomy.

Also, if your little gem is equipped with the system "regenerative braking", Privilege it!

Similarly for LED lights From your fork, turn them off when you do not need it. This will allow you to win valuable additional minutes in autonomy


To conclude, the battery of your electric scooter is a main element that you should not neglect. Well maintain it goes without saying, and other options are also to consider for your comfort. For example, opt for an electric scooter with great autonomy like the Dultron thunder or equip yourself with a backup battery that you can use if necessary.