Comment bien sécuriser sa trottinette électrique ? - PIE TECHNOLOGIE


It is common to hear the cases of electric scooter flight Like the flights of cars everywhere in France. If these electrical gear are quite exposed, this is due to the fact that they are small sizes and easily transported by thieves. It is therefore preferable to make the necessary arrangements for Secure your scooter. To help you, here are some tips that might be helpful to you.

Identify secure parking

When you invest in an electric scooter, no need to remind you that you have to take care of it. In all your trips, it is recommended to choose a place to secure parking

In this case, you need to find a place that is not safe from looks. If the parking spot is regularly attended, thieves will have more trouble stealing your machine.

In addition, you can also Change your parking spaces. Indeed, having several places possible to park, the thieves will have more trouble to piston you. This puts you more away from malicious eyes.

In addition to the parking space to be identified with care, it is recommended to Choose a good support for fixing. The arches, lamp or cast iron poles, soil benches are good support for securing the electric scooter.

After identifying the ideal location, then equip yourself with an anti-theft that will be used to reinforce your machine.

Choose your anti-theft adapted

Whatever the parking place you could find for your electric scooter, the effective way to secure its electric scooter is to opt for a resistant and efficient anti-theft. Indeed, thanks to the anti-theft, the thief will have more trouble arranging the electric vehicle. The more time he will want to want to detach the craft, the more he will discourage and abandon the flight of your machine potentially.

We have made you a Top 6 Different types of locks for electric scooters:

 6 - Cable antizols: Recommended for short term stops, it is not not very resistant and easily sectionable ;
antivol cable
 5 - Chain locks: They have the advantage of being more resistant thanks to their metal links. Furthermore, the fastener is much more practical by the flexibility of the chain. However, they are binding to carry because of their weight;
anti-theft chain

4 - Antivols blocks disk : This type of anti-theft maintains the device in place so that it can not be moved by pushing the handlebars.

They are usually attached to the rear or front disk brakeBut they can also be attached to the wheels.

Warning, we still recommend couple This lock to another, because even if it remains a very good protection, it does not prevent that the electric scooters are for the most part lightweight and can therefore always be raised to be put in a truck.

Anti-theft blocked disk

 3 - Anti-theft segments: These types of anti-theft are suitable for long stops, they are flexible and allow Fix the scooter to various movables in the city.

Easily transportable, the segment anti-theft can be attached to the scooter stem during your journeys;

Anti-theft segment

 2 - UN ANTIVOLS: Recommended for long parking, they allow to benefit from a level of upper security.

Being quite rigid, its anchor point is more difficult to find, moreover avoided contact with the soilThis allows the thief to not have a support point for attempting to destroy the padlock or antitheft.

Let's avoid facilitating them the stain :)

 1 - Handcuffs: they offer the same level of security as UN ANTIVOLS. Its cylindrical fastener makes it possible to render The practical attachment For the stem. Since it is stainless steel, its destruction is almost impossible.

Opt for gear with removable battery

Scooter manufacturers offer on the market a wide variety of machines. There are some models that have Removable batteries. Indeed, it is possible to remove your battery and put it in a bag or backpack. It is a great way to avoid the many cases of flights of electrical gear.

The battery is the most popular and important element. An electric scooter without its battery is like a football game without balloon, That is to say of any use. The potential thief who will realize the lack of battery can discourage, because he would not want to invest as much to buy another battery replacement.

Engrave its electric scooter

Besides the fact that you can remove the removable battery from the centerpiever, you have the possibility to engrave your machine. Have always burned an electric machine is convenient to easily find its EDPMbecause the patented marking can not be erased. When you are a victim of flights on your electric scooter, you will only have to report it at the level of a police station, then at the marking service and finally to your insurer. As soon as your machine is found, you can easily find its possession.

To conclude

You will understand it, the electric scooter is a convenient way to drive and easy to move, as much for you as for thieves. A place of parking, a suitable antivol, and other tips mentioned above are essential to the good safety of your electric scooter. In addition to the last possibility of making his beloved well, Prevention is better than cure...