clé roue trottinette electrique

Take care of its electric scooter is essential for its longevity. Maintain it regularly will allow you to keep its performance Longer, and rolling safely.


1. The battery

Electric scooter battery

The battery The central element of your scooter. It is given for about 1000 Reloading Cycles For a lithium battery and runs over loads and discharges. After a good number of cycles, the autonomy drops and the maximum voltage is lower. This gives the feeling that the battery does not hold its charge anymore.

Do not panic the riders, we explain here How to improve the use of your battery.


2. Pneumatic and inflation

Tire Cruvet Electric Scooter

Like the battery, we must not neglect the tires and air chambers that are also consumables that talk to. We must ensure that the tire pressure correct.

An ill-inflated tire will see its reduced life expectancy because its floor area will be more important. This will also be felt on autonomy. If it is a tire with air chamber, the latter risk of drivingbecause friction will be more important. If the tire is too inflated, it Risk The bursting

Pressure Tire Electric Scooter

The optimal pressure is always indicated on theA manufacturer's form or the instructions your scooter, also you will find the maximum pressure generally indicated on the flanks of the tires.

A used tire will be less effective in terms of adhesion, especially on wet ground. Indeed, without the grooves allowing the evacuation of water, the risk of aquaplaning (unintentional skidding due to water) is much higher.


3. Braking

Electric scooter brake

The braking system must be controlled regularly, in order to keep braking optimal and safe. According to scooters, these are disc brakes with mechanical or hydraulic caliper, or drum brakes coupled to a motor brake system (magnetic brake).

Discs, brake pads or drum trim must be controlled and adjusted regularly. They must be changed as soon as the wear is noted. 

An too thin disc, pads or drum with too worn trim A distance to stop longer, the braking system can break and completely block the wheels if it is not maintained. In short, you expose yourself to a certain risk of accident!

No need to tell you that it is essential to regularly check your braking system and to maintain it properly since it is The most important safety element on your scooter.


4. The hardware

Electric scooter screw

Screw-side, control is to do all About 300 km. It must be ensured that all screws are present and that they are properly screwed.

Most column and potency games that are recognized by squeaks are due to loose screws. In some cases, screws can break if they are poorly fixed and that they suffer too many shocks or vibrassions.

In these cases, it is necessary Extract the screw or change the piece if extraction is not possible.

It is better to go through a professional which will have all the equipment and skills needed to perform these checks, with some screws being complicated to tighten or hard access.


5. Lighting

Fire-Rear Scooter-Electric

The lighting is another security element of your scooter, since it allows you to be visible and which must be in accordance with the legislation. A rear light that will not work will put your scooter in offense, as for a car.

At night, with defective or dirty lighting, you will be much less visible and therefore more exposed to danger.

Regarding the interview, there is not really, if it is not to make sure that all your fires are functional and clean. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to wet cloth at your fire or Contact your dealer which will do the necessary.


6. Cleaning

Dirty electric scooter

Clean its scooter except for its aesthetic appearance makes it possible to preserve premature wear of the mechanical parts. Some elements like the Motor bearings where the Axes of shock absorbers and direction are very sensitive to dust deposits, mud and other hackers accumulated during your outings. The brakes will also be less effective.

Note: a dirty scooter will tend to do more Crushing noise, friction ... sign that mechanics is no longer fluid and wears faster.

Cleaning should never take place with high pressure water jet or immersing the scooter

We advise you to use a damp cloth For the chassis, a small brush for difficult corners of access and the grip, a brake cleaner bomb For the braking part

Your scooter will then be such that you have known it; Resplendent and happy, and we can assure you that it will make it well.



The maintenance of a scooter is not wizarding and as for your car, you just need to check some elements frequently to avoid the breakage of parts that will cost you a repair, but also an accident potential.

For users who wish to be accompanied by a professional, your dealer remains your the main contact

Apart from the important thing she will accompany you longer in your travels.

Remember that a well-maintained scooter is a scooter that puts full view!