Réglementation des EDPM/NVEI

To meet the safety of NVEI users (new individual electric vehicles) also known as EDPM (motorized personal travel gear), a new legislation related to the road code has been set up by the French state.

Here are some key points of the rules to be respected.


How fast rolling?

The speed of your electric machine must be a burning builder (limited) to 25km / h. Use beyond this speed remains possible on track or private path. The fact of circulating on the public road with a unconnected or unbridled machine exposes its user to a fine of class 5 (1500 €).


Where can I circulate?

On Bicycle paths and greenways only. If there are no other possibilities the roadway is then allowed. Excluding agglomeration, traffic is allowed on Limited routes at 50 km / h. 

Attention the use on sidewalk is prohibited and passable of a fine of 135 €.


Can we have a passenger in electric scooter?

He is prohibited to transport another person to the electric scooter. You can verbate yourself by the police in the opposite case.


What is the age required to drive an EDPM?

Legislation requires having at least 12 years and be in full possession of his means To drive an electric scooter, a skateboard or a monorbook.


What are the mandatory equipment?

Extra-urban, helmet is mandatory and A reflective equipment (vest, armband ...) is mandatory when the brightness is insufficient or it is dark. What's more, the wearing of a helmet, gloves and adapted clothing is more than recommended, because a fall, even within 25 km / h the user can have heavy sequelae.


Is the insurance compulsory?

An insurance specific to new mobility is mandatory, at least a civil liability insurance, the answer is therefore YES !

Some HOUSING CONTRACTS Integrate an EDPM option subject to requesting it to its insurer. The consequences can be disastrous during a responsible accident with personal injury when not insured.

Also, the law provides that without insurance, it is forbidden to drive a motor vehicle. Even if the controls are still rare, in the event of a lack of insurance, you risk a fine of 3,750 euros.


How should my electric vehicle be equipped?

Your vehicle must Imperatively be equipped with:

  • Position lights (white at the front, red at the back).
  • Reflective catadipers (white front, red at the back and oranges on the sides).
  • An effective braking system.
  • A sound loath.


Additional common sense rules provided for in the Highway Code:

  • The circulation under the influence of alcohol and narcotics is prohibited.
  • The use of headphones, audio helmet is not allowed. The driver must be able to hear the sounds surrounding him.
  • The use of the phone is not allowed.
  • Respect the code of the road and its indications (red lights, STOP panels, SENDITS ...)


Since we respect these rules, it only remains to ride in peace and with pleasure.